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    Pwede kayang DIY ito? :bwahaha:

    Illegal penile enlargement in Munti bared
    By Edu Punay
    The Philippine Star 08/25/2005

    This gives new meaning to the term "stiff sentence."

    A maximum-security inmate at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City has reportedly been earning side money by offering fellow inmates penis-enlargement surgery.

    Reports of the illegal practice reached Bureau of Corrections Director Vicente Vinarao, who immediately ordered a crackdown.

    According to the report, Ronnie Rosero, a maximum-security inmate with a medical background in epidemiology, had volunteered to work at the NBP hospital over a year ago.

    It is believed he was able to obtain medical supplies from there to conduct surgical operations inside his cubicle and wards of the hospital by injecting amounts of petroleum jelly into the members of some inmates for a fee.

    Rosero supposedly collected amounts ranging from P100 to P300 for every successful operation and also used the names of medical staff of the NBP hospital to obtain supplies. His illegal "practice" has reportedly been going on for over a year now.

    The operation came to light after inmates who had undergone the procedure complained later of infections and scars, prompting Vinarao to order an investigation and search operations, which led to the confiscation of several bottles of petroleum jelly, syringes and other chemicals from different NBP dormitories.

    Inmates James Macapanas and Glenn de los Santos, Rosero’s first "patients," confessed to The STAR that they underwent the operation for free last March 2004 at the Reception Diagnostic Center.

    Both of them claimed they had no regrets about going through the operation and stressed they have not experienced any ill effects so far.

    "I was his first patient. He (Rosero) told me about the operation and I did some research on it myself. Na-convince naman ako na di siya delikado at sabi niya uso daw ’yun ngayon eh," said Macapanas.

    De los Santos even claims the operation changed his relationship with his wife.

    "Before, she only visited me once a year. But after testing the results of the operation on her, she’s been back more often now," he boasted.

    Macapanas and De los Santos refused to put their testimony into writing after being interviewed by NBP officials during the investigation, saying it was unnecessary since they had no complaints against Rosero.

    "Nagpasalamat pa nga kami sa kanya eh dahil nasubukan ko yung benefit ng ginawa nya. Kasi lumaki at lumakas yung akin, talagang lumalaban kaya masaya si misis," explained Delos Santos.

    Macapanas revealed that the complaints only started to surface after some inmates tried to perform the procedure on their own, leading to infections.

    "May gumaya sa kanya at gumamit ng hindi sterile syringe kaya nagkaproblema," he said. "As far as we know nga, more than 500 na inmates na yung nagpadagdag."

    Rosero, for his part, denied he had ever performed the operation on another inmate.

    In his June 14, 2005 reply letter to the accusation, he said he arrived at the maximum-security compound last March 2004 and heard that the illegal operation was already rampant there.

    "Some of my friends knew I am a doctor so they approached me and asked if I could perform the operation on them. But I said no and even advised them that it was not safe," he claimed.

    Vinarao said necessary penalties would be imposed if the investigating officers can prove Rosero’s involvement. Meanwhile, he has ordered a close monitoring of activities inside all compounds at NBP — and a proper inventory of petroleum jelly and syringes — to prevent any illegal operations.

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    petroleum jelly?

    hindi ba nalulusaw sa loob iyan ?

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    hayuf sa sideline ah. hehehehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoEinG_747
    petroleum jelly?

    hindi ba nalulusaw sa loob iyan ?

    i've got the same questions.

    makapag-research nga.

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    conversion ng longganisang lucban to jumbo hotdog tender juicy!

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    delikado pala yang petroleum jelly injection.

    The Journal of Sexual Medicine
    Volume 0 Issue 0 - August 2005

    Paraffinoma and Ulcer of the External Genitalia after Self-Injection of Vaseline

    Emre Akkus, MD*, Aydin Iscimen, MD, Levent Tasli, MD, and Halim Hattat, MD*


    We present a 42-year-old circumcised man with a 10-cm firm, irregular penile mass associated with multiple penile ulcers, voiding difficulty, and erectile dysfunction. He reluctantly admitted that 8 months previously, he had multiple mineral-oil (vaseline) self-injections to the penis, for penile enlargement purposes. Histopathological examination revealed the condition was consistent with mineral-oil granuloma (paraffinoma). The patient did not accept surgical intervention; therefore, we performed local therapy (intralesional triamcinolone) and hot-water baths. Paraffinoma results from mineral-oil injections. Such injections are rare; however, they are still being performed in some countries in Eastern Europe and the Far East such as Korea. Increased physician and public awareness are needed for prevention and treatment of complications of this physically and psychologically debilitating and destructive problem.
    Akkus E, Iscimen A, Tasli L, and Hattat H. Paraffinoma and ulcer of the external genitalia after self-injection of vaseline. J Sex Med **; **:****.

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    oh man oh man oh man... I am not gonna do that to my junior...

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    good thing di ko kailangan hehehe :D

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    Yup no need for that

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    more reason not to land in bilibid... or at least don't take a shower when you do end up there.

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