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    Jan 2004
    The guy must be around middle age as his manner of speaking reflects the thinking of my parents. He didn't really understand the explanations of the customer representative and was clearly agitated from the start. He might have a real need but PLDT's DSL service is only realiable around 80-90% of the time. There have been days in which the DSL service in the office was down 90% of the time.

    The guy was at fault because he started insulting the girl first. He also kept on asking to talk to their supervisor when she already mentioned that they only come in around 9am. Also, I don't agree with him when he mentioned that he had the right to talk that way because he was a customer. Regardless of rank and position, we have to talk to each other in a civilized manner.

    However, the customer representative did lose her composure. She should have been better trained to handle that type of situation.

    I've had arguments with Internet providers over the years mainly over billing hours with Pacific internet. I am glad that I don't have to deal with that type of problem anymore as most Internet plans are unlimited.

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer View Post
    baka naman thru internet lang talaga ang paraan? walang phone contact sila? pero labo hehe
    hehehe, labo nga pre

    kung ikaw cgro bro BB, sasabihin mo "Ano ba yan, meron pa ako gusong download na pr0n sa *******.. So problema ko na yun? Ano bibili na lang ako nang Debedee?!"

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    Aug 2003
    imho...if it was really, really important for me to make a call, i would not have gambled on PLDT fixing the line on time; i would've used a cellphone, internet cafe, homing pigeon, etc to make the call, then deal with PLDT later on.

    siyempre nakaka bad trip na kumuha ka ng DSL tapos kung kelan mo kailangan e tsaka pa babagsak. but what can you do? if there's really a lot at stake, it's much more constructive to find a solution to your problem habang maaga.

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    Mar 2004
    kung inde lang sira yung mute button ng agent inde sana nauwi sa murahan yung telecon nila...

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    Sep 2004
    lagot yung naglabas ng CMS recording nito for public distribution ... one of the rules of call center (may not be all) to ensure that privacy of both customer and CSR is protected. siguro sa sobra galit CSR or Sup nya ...

    anyways, i can relate to this since i have been one of the angry customers of DumbBRO since Oct7. since the typhoon, 2 days lang nag up service tapos wala na ... since Tue Oct 03. you have to wait at least 45mins to get through a CSR tapos puro "i will coordinate ... coordinate ..." i have been finally given an on-site tech support, sabi Oct 11 (kahapon) ... aba hintayin ko daw until 8pm. ayun, wala dumating .. kagabi, ay naku di na ako nakapagpigil ... got mad, used angry words but directed to the issue, not the CSR (wala PI) ... conio-cursing lang, hehehe

    sorry, OT ... kakainis kasi ang DumbBRO kabit nang kabit new subscription instead of doing OT to fix the existing ones which ARE not working!

    back to topic ... mahirap talaga buhay CSR

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    Dec 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by kingkaboodles View Post
    hehehe, labo nga pre

    kung ikaw cgro bro BB, sasabihin mo "Ano ba yan, meron pa ako gusong download na pr0n sa *******.. So problema ko na yun? Ano bibili na lang ako nang Debedee?!"
    'itong pron ko 99% na at nagdown pa kayo! bilisan nyo at bitin na bitin na ako!!!'

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    Sep 2004
    Actually, pwede rin yung customer ang nag-record ng call (FaxTalk Communicator kaya), tapos sya rin nag-distribute. I doubt kung callcenter mismo nagpalabas nito...

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    Dec 2003
    Natawa ako dito:

    Agent: Thank you for calling XBOX Live my name is ******

    Customer: my first name is ***** and my last name is ***

    (verification steps)

    A: so how may i help you today?
    C: my console has a funny smell...

    A: how funny?
    C: WHAT?!

    A: how funny is the smell?
    C: (customer now sounds irate) its hilarious!!! what the h*ll do you mean how funny?!?! i think my console just shorted itself out

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    Sep 2006

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    its hilarious. hahahahaha!

Hehe, buhay call center.