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    Oct 2002
    no offence ha...

    sabihin mo dun sa school binabagay naman yan dun sa piano player. e baka di naman gifted yung mag-piano e sayang naman hehehe! grand piano man o hindi pag yung artist (daw) e di naman magaling parehas lang tunog nun, ordinary.

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    Oct 2002
    hindi ko rin alam kung magaling yung gagamit ng piano, pero nung sinabi ko yung price (P500T and up), maghahanap nalang daw sila ng donor meron silang nililigawan ngayon na member ng school board, meron piano na hindi ginagamit.

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    Jan 2004
    look for Kawai baby grand. its cheaper than yamaha but sounds almost the same.

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    Jan 2004
    A grand piano is one of my dream items to put in the house.

    You can get good second hand ones for 300,000 or less.

    Now, as to the quality, that's another matter. I found this website before that says a grand piano that's less than 5'8" in length is more a show-off furniture than a serious musical instrument. Those so-called baby grands sound like regular uprights, and some uprights sound better than baby grands.

    Parlor grands are the best bet for the home and small recital areas - something like 6' to 7' and can be had for 300 to 500 thou depending on the condition.

    Steinway and sons make the best pianos. The local Lyric company imports S&S, as well as other brands, new and 2nd hand. After Steinway, there's Mason and Hamlin, Grotrian Steinweg, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, and Bechstein.

    Further down the pecking order are, alphabetically: August Foerster, Feurich, Hardman, Kaps, Kawai, Knabe, Schimmel, Stickel, and Yamaha.

    The Clavinova is a fraction of the size, sometimes a quarter of the price, but sounds just as good as a concert grand.

    Opinion lang po.

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