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    Oct 2011
    diba kapag may "third eye" it is the only time that you will see those beings in other dimensions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinj View Post
    I was just told right now that our guards had to open up my room here at the office last Saturday, may nakita kasing usok na umiikot (via CCTV) so they had to inspect it immediately. Pag bukas, wala naman.

    * Tj_abs, praning tuloy ako last weekend pag daan ko sa may Balagtas exit. :D
    Hehe ingat lang sir vinj. Meron talaga ' kumukuha' sa lugar na yan. Busina ka especially at night.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Tj_abs View Post
    Hehe ingat lang sir vinj. Meron talaga ' kumukuha' sa lugar na yan. Busina ka especially at night.
    Padagdagan ko pa yung busina ko. Two sets of Fiamm na.

    Before, i used to really like old, antique furniture. It changed though when my cousin, who has her third eye opened, started noticing "new" people going about in my Tita's house when they started buying antiques. Sanay naman yung pinsan ko sa mga ibang nakikita niya pero nagtataka siya ba't nadagdagan and dyan niya naisip na kasama siguro sa old furniture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpsolt View Post
    nung nag-solo hike ako sa mt. maculot sa cuenca, batangas, nung around 8pm, tumawag ako sa friend ko, may naririnig daw syang babae na parang katabi ko nagsasalita ng inaudible na words. kinaumagahan, i smelled women's cologne expecting na merong group ng hikers na parating. walang dumating. sabi sa baba kay ka manuel na pinagpapaliguan ko sa jump off point, maricris daw ang pangalan nung nagpaparamdam doon. maliit na babae na nahulog sa cliff face overlooking taal lake nung 1990's.

    isa pang camp site na papunta pa lang kami, marami nang locals na nagsasabi na haunted ang lugar paakyat ng base camp sa daraitan, hindi lang tatlo ang nagsabi na mag-ingat kami at may engkanto/may nagpapakita daw doon. 7 kami sa groupo na inabutan ng gabi papuntang campsite naglalakad on a single file, may naririnig kaming footsteps saka kaluskos ng mga sanga/dahon na sumasabay sa tabi namin sa gilid. pakiramdaman lang kami tapos nung umaga, it was revealed na pareho kami ng nararamdaman at naririnig na may kasabay kami paakyat sa base camp that night.

    another spooky mountain is mt. cristobal sa quezon. may nagpapacute akong kasama sa kasabayan naming fellow hiker na babae, sobrang ingay ni lalaki. out of nowhere, may nakita akong sanga na binato sa kanya. hindi nalaglag kasi may trajectory galing sa gilid sa lugar na inaccessible sa tao.
    gustong gusto kong akyatin yung bundok ng susong dalaga. w-o-w-!

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    May 2012
    hehehe... naku sir... baka ibang bundok yun.

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    lawlaw na, na-rape na e! it used to be perfectly symetrical, now gumuho na yung sides.

    pag nadadaanan ko yun nung maliit pa ako at tinuro ko yun for sure the next day may pigsa ako sa pwet. kaya nung lumaon na pag malapit na kami tinatakpan ns ng ermats ko ang eyes ko hahaha!

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    Mar 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by holdencaulfield View Post
    gusto ko yung mga stories ng mga old time residents ng balete like maurice arcache.
    talagang kapanindig balahibo yung mga kuwento niya!
    anong kwento kay maurice arcache? baka high lang siya.. hehe

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    Aug 2011
    MANILA, Philippines - At the turn of the 20th century, Sta. Ana in Manila was what Tagaytay is today. The country?s well-heeled families, who lived in Binondo and other parts of Manila, built their vacation homes along the river. They would spend the holidays to enjoy the cool breeze and the bucolic scene of the waterway under the azure skies.

    Built in 1898, this 15-bedroom mansion, which stood on a 6,000-square meter lot on Lamayan Street, was one of the most popular ?haunts.?

    The two-story house had vaulted ceilings, cross ventilation and two sweeping spiral staircases. Each tile was marked ?1899, Belgium? and the walls, massive doors and bedroom floors were built with solid narra.

    The stained-glass windows bore Art Deco designs. Decorative grills lent security and privacy.

    On the second floor, there was an open-air, 900-square meter dining room enclosed by wrought iron grills.

    Joseph Arcache, when he acquired the house in later years, had the letter ?A? patterned on the grill work.

    Joseph built his wealth in real estate. Because of his vision and keen business acumen, he was trusted by the country?s high and mighty.

    His buddy was J. Amado Araneta whom he advised to acquire a huge property in a grassland which would later be called Cubao. Arcache also served as political adviser to Philippine presidents, from Quezon to Macapagal. When then Sen. Ferdinand Marcos first thought of running for president, Arcache would frequent the Marcos residence.

    Arcache?s power and influence allowed the family to live in high style. The household staff consisted of five chaffeurs, among them an American, Alvin Arquette, who would marry the personal hairdresser of Arcache?s beauteous wife, Mary.

    New life

    It was 1946, and as the country rebuilt itself from the destruction wrought by war, the Arcaches were starting a new life in Sta. Ana, Manila. For many years, the family had lived in Donada, Pasay, the enclave of the rich before the war.

    For a change of scenery, Arcache bought this mansion along the scenic Pasig river from a wealthy Chinese businessman named Dy Buncio.

    The Arcache family was in good company; next door lived the American ambassador, and the rest were mestizos. The family was oblivious to the street?s name, ?Lamayan,? meaning ?wake,? and the omen it denoted.

    As the furniture was being transported to the home, Arquette stayed in one of the rooms on the ground floor for security. One night, he heard heavy footsteps in the master bedroom above his room.

    He thought big rats made the noise. He?d hear the sounds every night; eventually he made them out to be footsteps of one clad in boots. Thinking there was an intruder, he went to the room. He heard the footsteps approaching the door. He opened the door to surprise the intruder, but to his surprise, there was nothing but darkness.

    That was the first intimation of supernatural occurrences in the Sta. Ana mansion.

    Mysterious old man

    The next day, Arquette told his master about the footsteps. Joseph told him to keep mum.

    Life went on. The Arcache residence became a favorite party place of the family?s friends.

    Every weekend, the family would entertain guests at the 26-seat dining table, made of solid narra.

    While each member of the family had his or her own room, the other eight rooms were for friends on a sleepover.

    Everything seemed hunky-dory until strange episodes recurred.

    One night, Arcache?s daughter, Queenie?the older sister of Maurice, who would become the country?s premier society columnist? had just come home from a party. It was Joseph?s practice to see if the children were already in bed in their rooms.

    As Queenie tucked herself in bed, she heard her bedroom door open and saw a silver-haired man in a barong looking at her. She thought it was her father.

    Then the man walked towards the balcony?and right through the balcony door.

    Queenie shrieked and bolted out of the room, ?I saw a ghost!?

    Joseph awoke and after hearing her story, dismissed it yet again.

    The family had a cook, a migrant from Macau, who would come every morning to bake the pan de sal.

    One morning, he was found unconscious, sprawled on the floor outside the kitchen. When the patriarch woke him up, the cook shivered and told him that he was resigning after serving them for 15 years.

    Earlier, the cook had seen a man sitting on the steps with his head lowered on his knees. He thought it was Louie Bernasconi, the eldest of Mary?s sons from a previous marriage, who had been locked out after coming home from a party.

    When the man looked up, the cook fainted at the sight of his ghoulish face.

    Maurice?s grandmother once told him that ghosts liked to appear in mirrors. As the statuesque abuela was washing her face, she saw a taller gentleman peering over her shoulder.

    For the longest time, there were sightings of a tall, aging gentleman clad in barong tagalog and black pants, or in horse-riding attire.

    Cursing God

    Old parish priests from Sta. Ana church told stories about Dy Buncio, who would ride his horse or a carriage from Binondo to inspect the construction of his home. He died when he was in his late 40s, but not, as lore would have it, after cursing God for a life interrupted.

    There were also speculations that he was so attached to his possessions that he kept coming back to his home.

    Another time, Pearlie, Maurice?s younger sister, came home with Rene Knecht from a formal affair. Maurice and his friends were to follow them later.

    She asked Rene to escort her in the living room while waiting for Maurice. Rene was regaling her with stories into the wee hours.

    Suddenly he heard a music box playing. Pearlie shivered and told him that the family didn?t own one.

    Knecht dashed to his car with Pearlie behind him. As the guards opened the gate and Rene turned on the engine, the couple heard heavy bangings on the fender.

    The spirit was offended, they thought. They fled to the farthest corner down the street and waited for Maurice to come home.

    Source: Philippine daily inquirer

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    The old houses on Lamayan Street, along the Pasig River on the east side of town are famous not only for their architecture but also for its storied past. A hundred or so years ago when the city of Manila was in fact only Intramuros (meaning “inside the walls”), there exist too, the “Extramuros,” or outside the walls, as the story goes anyway. Later on I think these places outside the city were called Arrables, and Sta Ana was one of such.

    Rich nobles built their summer houses along the banks of the Pasig, just like those homes of rich plantation owners of yore. Well, some of these houses stood the test of time, the horrors of war, corruption, disease, natural and man-made disasters, echeblahblah…There are even stories that these houses are haunted, more notably the one owned by socialite Maurice Arcache. The Ocampos, a long-time political family, also still maintains a huge house there. Now they only have to clean the big pool regularly if they want to impress visitors during parties there. Source: eche blah blah

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    We used to pass that road when we would come from Sta. Ana (yung race track) and head to Mandaluyong/Kalentong.

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