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    Quote Originally Posted by deZw07 View Post
    katakot mga experience niyo sir juntzo! You're a brave man. one question though do you still experience these scary stuffs until now?
    i'm not a brave man .... and i don't claim to be! i always get very very scared when they happen. thankfully wala pa naman lately w/ prayers!

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    Jun 2006
    i've been watching Discovery Channel all day. ang program nila ngayon ay puro ghost stories (A Haunting ang title).
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    not my personal ghost story but a close friend of mine in college (LB). He grew up in UPLB...4th year highschool ... with his early morning workouts - jogging around the campus as early as 4am - as in madilim pa talaga.

    There was one time is was crossing this small bridge going to the "field" near the auditorium. This bridge was barely 4 car length pero the no lights (the nearest light was about a car length before the bridge and another lamp post about 20m after the bridge)... when he was approaching the bridge napansin/naaninag niya merun isang lalaki walking pasalubong niya pero on the other side of the road. Hindi gaano pansin ang full detail nung kasalubong niya dahil medyo dim na ang liwanag dun sa bridge area.

    Hindi nya ganu pinansin (kasi normal din naman na merun maaga dun sa loob ng campus) pero parang na weirdohan siya sa kasalubong niya - nasa isip nya was "ang aga naman nitong mamang ito at nakabihis pa!" at ang bihis niya was parang nakatuxedo ala Rizal.

    They were "side-by-side" na in the middle of the bridge but on the other sides of the road nung napasin niya na yung naglalakad na tao didn't have a head!

    sh!t nilingon niya yung!t wala ngang ulo!... karipas na siya ng takbo towards the dorm area... it is probably about 500m away.

    Lighted na yung area ng dorm...hindi niya tinuloy yung jogging niya until about 5am na na medyo maliwanag na. Simula nuon hindi na siya nagjog ng 4am...past 5am na lang.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
    But as he was intently gazing on the statue, the voice called him again from behind. "Mark, Mark!"

    It wasn't the statue after all. It was just a dog with a harelip.

    Smile naman diyan!
    This is the funniest ghost story I've ever read(a dog with a hairlip?). Thanks for making me smile pare.

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    Apr 2007
    This thread is very interesting to say the least. I always wondered if my experiences were just products of my over active imagination or I'm going nuts. But with your sharing of supernatural experiences, I can see that its not "crazy" weird and I'm not alone experiencing this stuff.

    Let me share a few incidents that happened to me or something I witnessed...

    #1: This was in the province in Ilokos, and I was just 6yrs old. We were then living at my Mother's ancestral house. We were about to move away to the next province and live at the ancestral house of my father's clan. The sun just set and the surrounding area just got really dark. I was playing in the sofa next to the window. I looked out the window since I thought someone just called my name. The sound seemed to have emanated from close to this bush in the corner of our yard. I forgot what kind it is but it has very fragrant small white flowers. There next to it is this perfectly white smoke forming. Hey, I thought someone was burning something, but then the smoke formed into a shape of a man's upper body dressed in barong. I started getting scared, but the details seemed so vivid. Then the head formed into this kind looking and smiling old man. It was just staring and smiling at me. I got so scared and sweated profusely. I was transfixed on the image for maybe a few minutes then I grabbed the towel next to me, covered my face, and tried to squeeze my chubby body into the corner of the sofa farthest away from the window. I dont know how long I was like that, until my Mom and grandma found me trembling, pale, and soaked in sweat. They had to shake me vigorously and yell at me so I can focus on them and then I grabbed my grandma in a tight hug and wont let go for an hour or so. After that I was able to tell them what I saw, they went out and lighted a candle next to the bush and let it burn out. The next day they showed me my late grandpa's picture ( he died before I was born). It was him! The picture looks just like that kind old man formed by the smoke. Until we moved, I kept looking out to that bush everynight to see if grandpa is there again. Somehow I was scared but very curious too because I never met my grandpa. But I never saw him again. In our 2006 Pinas vacation, I was able to go to that ancestral house to visit. Its old but still standing. It has been vacant for decades, except our neighbor and distant relative uses it as storage for sacks of rice, etc. He keeps it relatively clean. My first question was, how come all this years the glass windows below and the kapis windows on top is still ok? No one tried to take them or break them just like many other vacant houses I have seen. Our neighbor said, even the drunks are scared to come into your yard day or night because we often see glimpses of your grandpa walking around or smelling that "barako" coffee he drinks on the front door every early morning.

    #2: I am already teenager and we are living in the ancestral house of my Dad's side of the family. There's a road in front of the house and on the western end of the lot is this very old duhat tree. Right accross the street is also an equally old santol tree. Legend in the barrio has it that some beings (kapre) live in the trees. They often play with passing motorist by killing their engines, crashing them into out concrete fence, or making them fall into the side of the road into the shallow canal that goes through under the road with openings on both sides just a few feet from the base of the two trees. Yup! It became a past time for me to be sitting on top of the fence watching who among the motorist will have a weird day. Most often the engines die, but if they push the vehicle away for about 50 yards then it starts good again (sometime on of us in the house will go out and suggest this). The worst thing I saw was two of my kababata passing by in bicycles on opposing side of the street and all of a sudden they cant control the bikes or jump off of it. They hit each other in the middle of the road with strong enough impact that both their front wheels bended like a number 8. Rey even passed out with a concussion when he fell and hit the pavement. The annoying thing about this motorist incidents is that those drivers the frequently pass by will mostly honk their horns 3 times before getting near the trees. Man, it sucks when you're trying to go to sleep at night. There's also this weird dreams of my dad's father and my mom's mother (she came to live with us when we left the other house). They both keep dreaming of this spanish soldiers complete with swords, armor vest, and old muskets. The soldiers come through the door in their sleep and demand they give them a few drops of the kid's blood(me and my brother) or worst one of their little fingers in exchange for a treasure buried in our lot. Of course my grandparents will say no, and when they wake up they will have this eerie feeling that someone is following them all day long.

    #3: I am 18 already and still living in the same ancestral house of my dad's family. For about a year now, our drunk neighbor and relative made it a habit to threaten us, ask us for a fight, or throw stones on our roof almost everytime he gets soo drunk. My blood is boiling but my parents said to keep my cool and let it pass. Let the tanods handle him as long as he doesn't come into our yard/house to hurt us. They dont want me to get into trouble with the law sonce we were already processing our US immigration papers at the time. But since my dad is already disable at the time and my mother is just a small lady, I figured I will play it safe so I borrowed a paltik .38 from a friend as a protection in case drunkard will get the guts to storm our house or try to hurt my parents. Its just the 3 of us in the house since my brother is living and studying in the next province. One night, after another rain of stones and invectives, we finally went to sleep since the drunk was pacified and ordered to sleep by the tanods and brgy captain. But at 2 am I was awakened by footsteps that seem to be walking around the house following the concrete path that rings the outside of our house. There's lights open all around the house as a precaution so i thought I would be able to see the intruder. The footsteps were very audible, and it seems like those dress shoes with heavy hard soles because I can hear each step as it seem to keep passing by below my 2nd floor window. I was afraid for my parent who sleep in a room downstairs. I was wondering if they closed their window or open it like always so the cool breeze can come in. In my mind, I was telling myself that its ok to end up in jail and lose the chance to go to the states if it means protecting my parents. I will kill the neighbor first before he gets to even touch my parents. I got the paltik and slowly opened my window so I can reach out with the gun. I waited for the footsteps to pass by again below me. When I thought he should be right below I pointed the gun down and below while trying to look for a target. Damn! he is not there! That was fast, but wait I still hear the footsteps. I slowly crept down the stairs so I wont awaken my parents. The footsteps are now in the front porch. I saw the middle window is open so again I looked through aiming and looking for target. Nothing! damn it! I then move to the bathroom in the back of the house with the small open window while the footstep is still rounding the corner of the kitchen. I am at the window before he passes by. I here the footstep directly there in front of me now but when I peeked through with the gun, all I felt was a cold/chilly breeze but the footsteps is very loud right there. Then the scary feeling with chills down my spine hit me! Oh man, I ran out of the bathroom and headed for my room upstairs almost slipping on a step or two. I dint mind anymore if I was noisy or not. I locked my door and jump under the covers. I was trembling in fear clutching the paltik trying hard to feel brave. My heart was pounding so hard. The footsteps continued for I don't know how long. All I know was that I was enduring the sound of the footsteps passing by every few minutes for what felt like eternity. I must have fallen asleep exhausted because I woke up the next day still curled up under the sheet in the corner of my bed farthest away from the window. Yes, I was still clutching in my hands the paltik. I asked my parents if they noticed anything last night, but they said they did not notice anything because they were fast asleep courtesy of a nice cool breeze coming through their open window. By the way, when we left Pinas, our drunk neighbor shifted his uncontrolled nasty rage to another neighbor farther down the street. No one knows how he chooses people he picked on. A year after we left, he was killed after showering his target's house with stones. Apparently, someone ambushed him on his way home while still shouting invectives and looking for someone to fight. they pumped him full of .45 lead. A full 7 shots according to the empty shells close to his body. Oh well, can't blame the kapre for that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by juntzo View Post
    i'm not a brave man .... and i don't claim to be! i always get very very scared when they happen. thankfully wala pa naman lately w/ prayers!
    Wala na ba ghost na ako sa mga ghost story ni juntzo

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    ok sir eismann... i'll try to finish it. i already started typing no. 6 but somehow i got interrupted by work! hehehe istorbo talaga trabaho sa tsikot!

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    Halloween na naman 'to!

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    Here you go! My Ghost Story #6:

    This is the last of the episodes I experienced with the ghost boy called "Pamboy" of my childhood in Bicol. It happened when I started going to school at grade 1 (no kindergarten for me!). One night I dreamt that the ghost boy was pricking the soles of my feet with the sharp clawlike nails of his hands. It was very painful and he was giggling while he was doing it. I suddenly was awaken by my great grandmother who I called Inay. She said that I was screaming in my sleep. I told her about my dream and she examined the soles of my fee but there was nothing unusual with them. I felt though an intense pain like both the soles of my feet had been stung by wasps!

    I went to school that day but my uncle had to carry me half the way because I can't stand walking because of my painful feet. Most of the time at school I only sat at my desk and I never bothered to stand up until the classes ended. On the way home my uncle have to carry me all the way. Everybody was doubting my complaint about the pain I'm feeling because they can't see anything wrong with my feet. They just thought that I was malingering because I don't really want to go to school.

    That evening my great grandmother took pity on me and let me sleep by her side in her room. She believed that my feet were really hurting and she placed pillows under my feet before tucking me in. Late that night, I again had a scary dream. This time the ghost boy was pulling the skin off the soles of my feet! It was so real and up to this day I can't be certain if it was really a dream or not. Inay said I screamed again and tried to console me. She had turned on the light and she was very surprised to see blood on the soles of my feet. She called my grandfather and grandmother inside the room to show them my bloody feet. They too were shocked! My grandmother cleaned my feet and applied that painful red medicine we call "tintura judo." My grandfather though thought that a rat entered our room and bit my feet. He started to search under the bed and the furniture but he found none.

    That morning I was brought to a doctor who examined my feet. He was not really sure what caused the wounds but he gave me an injection. He also gave my grandmother a medicine cream in a small glass jar to apply on my wounds. Days past but it never healed. The soles of my feet became this raw ozing scabby flesh! My uncle still carried me to and from school everyday with bandages on both my feet to cover the wounds. My grandmother dutifully washed my feet every morning and evening with water from boiled guava leaves and applied the cream but there was no improvement. Trips back to the doctor and painful shots did not help any. It was very painful for me and days became weeks into months.

    I was later told that during the nights of my ordeal, everybody in the house heard loud giggles and laughter coming from the room I was sleeping in. They thought it was me but everytime they would enter my room, they would find me sleeping with Inay by my side. They also heard noises of somebody running around the halls at night including knocking sounds on their bedroom doors!

    It was on the third month when one evening my grandfather went home with an old man with him. He said that he is an espiritista. The moment he entered my room he lit a candle and said his prayers. He then touched my forehead, then my wrists and hands while continuing his prayers. At the end of his prayers, he touched his right forefinger to his tongue and touched both the soles of my feet with it. I was then carried out the room by my grandfather and when we were out the room, the espiritista immediately shut the door. I was brought outside the house to our neighbor's house. I was told that I have to sleep there for the night with my grandmother and great grandmother. It was later that I found out that they did a sort of exorcism during the night in our house. The espirista left in the morning and my grandfather offered to pay him a big amount but he refused. He would not even accept money for calesa transportation.

    I was told to take a bath on the third day by the espiritista before he left. Lo and behold... on that day after my bath the wounds on my feet miraculously were healed. When the thick scabs fell off, it was as if there were never any wound!

    The house became peaceful again with the strange sounds at night never to return. I never had those scary nightmares again. There was one stern warning though that was given to me by my grandfather. He said the espiritista said that I should never ever go back to the stone pool spring again!

    I don't care if you believe my ghost stories or not! Just don't tell me that they never happened or that all I need are prayers!
    More of my ghost stories to come... when I have the time to type. It's just that my work keep interfering with my tsikoting!

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    Ghost Story #7

    Let's go back to the US for this ghost story of my son.
    He used to work in this nursing home in northern Illinois about two years ago. He worked as a part time caregiver at night while he is studying during the day. This nursing home is notorious for a lot of ghost stories that is why they are usually undermanned. My son complained that he has to do a lot of work including cleaning and wrapping up the residents who died. He had already experienced some weird things like chairs moving by themselves, lights turning on and off in empty rooms and doors being closed and locked when there was nobody there, but he hasn't seen a ghost until that night.

    One winter night when he was resting after all the hard work he encountered his first ghost in the nursing home. He was in his last hour of duty near midnight. He was sitting on a chair in the room of his resident when he heard a soft knock on the partially open door of the room. When he looked at the door he saw somebody past by wearing a white long dress. Though he was afraid, he went to the door to look for what he thought was a nurse. He got the surprise of his life when he saw Miss Rose walking away from him and knocking on every door on that floor! At the end of the corridor by the stairs, she just vanished. Miss Rose was one of the residents assigned to him and she had died a week before!

    He said that although he was afraid while looking at the ghost walking away from him, he was also very sad. He remembered that Miss Rose was a very kind old lady. Sadly he said noone visited her while she was in the nursing home and only a distant relative came when she died to make arrangement for her burial.

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