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    Oct 2002
    la ng fokker ang PAL... tsaka wala na silang missionary routes

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    Dec 2003
    flew in a Fokker 50 wen i was a kid a few times..nakakahilo n the propeller engine noise will drive u nuts hehe

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by NightRock
    Diba pang cargo yang DC 9... Yan ba yung Hercules??

    nope...C130 yung Hercules

    Foker 50 from Legaspi to Cebu....kakatakot pero masarap kasi kitang kita mo yung mga island...

    remember the famous BAC 1-11? tail mounted engine.. eto yung smoke belcher

    and did you know that a filipino engineer designed a "bamboo" made fuselage 2 seater airplane?..heheh kaso di lumipad

    and he was my instructor sa powerplant design
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    Sep 2004
    the scariest flight i have had was back in 98'. Almost 5 hours ata kaming parang nakasakay ng roller coaster from narita to manila. They were not able to serve our meal on time and waited for a smoother ride before serving.

    I got back to manila from cebu last sunday and it was quite bumpy also. Kawawa nga yung passenger na bata na nasa likuran ko kasi nasuka.

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    Oct 2002
    Masarap sumakay ng C130 aka Hercules. Nakatayo ka all throughout. Pwede ka din umupo sa bag mo :bwahaha:

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