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    Sep 2003
    [QUOTE=Altis6453]No offense to those related to him, but I think Gonzales is an embarassment to the legal profession. What else can you say about a Secretary of Justice who candidly admits to having been appointed as a "reward" for his "loyalty" to the President during the canvassing of GMA's votes. [QUOTE]

    Tawag diyan, TUTA! Tuta ni Shortie.

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    Feb 2005
    It seems that this administration is contradicting what they say. Sabi nila na let us move on and build the country instead of politicking. E bakit everytime na interview sila ng media, panay ang kanilang pasaring sa opposition? Si PGMA, palaging may patama sa speech niya. Si Atty Acebede ng PCGG, pilit isisingit ang galit nya sa opposition instead of doing his job. Si Sec. Gonzales, panay ang draft and study ng mga emergency powers, criminal prosecution of opposition etc. Si Bunye panay ang banggit ng "congressional inquiry for destabilization". At madami pang ibang government official. If they really want to move on, they should just do their job instead of acting as PR person for PGMA.

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    Mar 2005
    even the foreign consultant on corruption is planning to resign accdg. to the news. taga-Hongkong sya and dubbed as kinakatakutan ng mga corrupt sa Hongkong. Pero la eh d nya nakayanan ang Pinoy hehehe ...

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    Oct 2002
    'Emergency' jitters linger
    DoJ admits drafting takeover document

    First posted 00:50am (Mla time) Oct 12, 2005
    By Michael Lim Ubac, Juliet Labog-Javellana
    Inquirer News Service

    Editor's Note: Published on page A1 of the Oct. 12, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    MALACAÑANG denials that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will issue a proclamation of emergency rule vesting her with powers tantamount to martial law have failed to calm the fears of key sectors, including some of her allies.

    The fears were heightened by the reported signing by Ms Arroyo of Executive Order No. 467 which supposedly embodied the emergency proclamation and allowed her to arrest political dissenters without warrants.

    The Inquirer obtained a copy of the "feared" EO 467. As released by the Palace, the order -- signed by Ms Arroyo and dated Oct. 5 -- seemed like a politically innocuous document dealing with land administration as a tool for reducing poverty.

    Fears of emergency rule were first raised by two opposition figures late last month when they told the Inquirer that the Department of Justice (DoJ) had drafted a proclamation that would equip Ms Arroyo with powers just short of martial law.

    Palace officials quickly denied the President planned to declare martial law, which the late Ferdinand Marcos imposed in 1972 to keep himself in power in the face of growing opposition to his rule.

    The Palace appeared to make no distinction between the terms emergency rule and martial law, adding to the confusion.

    On Monday, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez fed the rumors when he said he had drafted a proclamation for a "state of national emergency" that would authorize Ms Arroyo to take over key industries. But Gonzalez also said the conditions that would justify such a move had not arisen.

    Deputy Majority Leader Antonio Cerilles called on the Palace to clarify the controversy and stressed that Congress should not be bypassed.

    Some leading members of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy also expressed concern.

    Concerned about what EO 467 actually provides for, Cerilles (Zamboanga del Sur) and another administration lawmaker, Federico Sandoval II (Malabon), joined the opposition in challenging Malacañang to produce a copy of the presidential directive.

    "The Palace should present a copy of the alleged EO 467 to let the public know its full contents. Without a copy of the draft, the 'no martial law' assurances of Secretary Gonzalez and the Palace will not be enough to douse fears that we could return to the darkest years of history," said Sandoval, vice chair of the House committee on transportation.

    House Minority Leader Francis Escudero said Malacañang had a duty to be transparent at all times and added: "Show us a copy of the EO to allay people's fears."

    Who knows President's mind?

    A staunch presidential ally, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, said she would not be surprised if Ms Arroyo was contemplating taking extraordinary powers in the face of coup plots and street protests.

    "We do not really know what is going through the President's mind. We cannot access the full range of the information she receives from day to day not only from intelligence sources but also from conversations with other world leaders, particularly in Southeast Asia," Santiago said.

    "But I must hazard the guess that surely this has occupied some time in the President's mind, particularly since there has been so much loose talk about a coup, or marching in the streets and taking over or about forcing her to resign."

    Right of self-defense

    Santiago added: "If the President's perceived enemies are taking extra-constitutional measures, it's perfectly natural to expect that she will start contemplating extra-constitutional measures for self-defense.

    She said any administration had built-in self-defense measures. "If she is attacked by force, the state is allowed to defend itself by force."

    But other senators scoffed at Malacañang's emphatic denial that Ms Arroyo planned to assume emergency powers.

    "Tell that to the Marines," opposition Senator Panfilo Lacson said, adding that the Arroyo administration had perfected the art of "covering lies with more lies."

    Slow descent to martial rule

    "When Justice Secretary Gonzalez so clumsily bared on his desk an unnumbered proclamation regarding declaration of a state of emergency, that should tell us a lot," Lacson said, referring to an occasion at the justice department when reporters glimpsed a copy of the draft proclamation on Gonzalez's desk.

    Some progressive groups warned the takeover of vital industries, including the media, was the only missing component in the nation's slow descent to martial rule.

    Anakpawis party-list Representative Rafael Mariano said Ms Arroyo's order barring her subordinates from testifying at congressional inquiries, the breaking of demonstrations and political killings "are all major recipes of martial law."

    Not buying the story

    In a privilege speech, Akbayan party-list Representative Riza Hontiveros-Baraquel asked Congress to promptly conduct an inquiry into Malacañang's "national emergency plot."

    "Is the President planning to declare a national emergency on her own? We in Akbayan dare the government to give an explicit answer to this question," she said.

    Fr. Ben Moraleda, convenor of a new ecumenical alliance calling on Ms Arroyo to step down, said his group was not buying Gonzalez's claim that he had drafted the emergency proclamation on his own initiative.

    "It's stupid," he told the Inquirer.

    Moraleda, a Redemptorist missionary, said his group "Sinag" was convinced Ms Arroyo had directed Gonzalez to prepare the draft to quash the persistent opposition to her administration.

    Sinag is composed of around 20 organizations of Catholic priests, nuns and lay workers demanding Ms Arroyo's ouster. With a report from Christian V. Esguerra

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    Sep 2005
    yari na naman tayo nyan!

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Draft declaration of state of nat'l emergency ready