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    Dec 2005

    Further, used to be MoA hypermart for 2 years siguro. However, with the change in our Saturday schedule and MoA's hypermart opening at 10AM, we switched to Hypermart Las Pinas Center, which is nearer to our place and also opens at 10AM....

    A few weeks ago, we switched to SM SouthMall, which opens at 9AM. Better for wife and myself as we can do more things on a Saturday.

    I was comparing prices with Shopwise (Santana, Sucat and Festival Mall Alabang), which (also) accords us with a Silver (Elite) Card. However, for the items that we normally purchase, we found out that theirs is about P0.50 more expensive. For Makati Supermarket in ATC and South Supermarket near Westgate, Alabang, their prices are about the same as SM's (again, for the items that we normally purchase). So, Shopwise, Makati Supermarket and South Supermarket are for covenience(if we are in the area and we need to buy some stuffs) or last minute purchases only, especially Shopwise since they close at 12midnight....


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    Mar 2004
    I agree with the landmark. Hamak na mas mura sa Landmark kesa Hypermart.

    But I still prefer to do our weekly groceries at SM The Block's Hypermart. Nakakainis pumunta sa Trinoma eh. Sobrang gulo. Ang gulo pa ng parking.

    One thing I noticed though, the fruits at Hypermart are hit and miss in terms of quality. Minsan overripe or kalburo-riped.

    Landmark has better quality fruits.

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Mguy View Post
    Yes. Its a matter of convenience. Malapit sa bahay, kumpleto sa gamit, one stop shop. SM Hypermart Pasig po ako.

    No other grocery store near our place, everything mas malayo. Easier parking, easy bringing carts to parking. I pay using cards kaya no problem sa change. I get points sa SM Advantage.

    Iwas botcha rin. Sure, not everything is the cheapest in the market but for a few pesos difference, why would I move around and waste time and gasoline just to get the cheapest?

    They have Coffeemate.

    They dont sell Colgate sa Hypermart but they sell it sa Watson. Don't know why though.
    sa Pasig mayron din Pioneer Supermarket (naks plugging).. mas mura kesa sa Hypermart... not sure where you're coming from... advantage lang talaga ng Hypermart sa Pasig is there business hours... and mas kumpleto line up nila pagdating sa frozen / meat / fish section (although sobra mahal din)...

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    Jul 2009
    Kung titignan mo presyo ng bilihin mahal talaga sa SM supermarket kumpara sa mga palengke kaya lang gumagamit sila ng aircon at kaya marami rin bumibili dahil naooblega na gumamit ng credit card na kahit alam ng iba mas mahal rito. Ang pabor lang naman na binibigay nila iyong SM advantage points.

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    Jul 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by ess View Post
    Landmark has better quality fruits.
    This is so true. Landmark is the best grocery for me and that's where I buy my fruits.

    Rustan's is overpriced. I stopped doing my groceries there when they changed their layout and my friend told me that it's cheaper at Landmark.

    S&R has little variety and the way they price their fruits is just immoral. hehe.

    SM - too many things not to like about but surprisingly their store brand (bonus) whole wheat bread is so good. I used to go to SM just for that bread.

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    Nov 2009
    Sa puregold naman ako. Umabot ng 11k yung usual 7k na binabayaran ko sa puregold nung once na naggrocery ako sa landmark. I don't know why, siguro dahil mas maraming mabibili sa landmark? Hahaha.

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    Oct 2002
    yes, but not all the time, kung saan minsan mapadpad......robinson....puregold, makati supermarket *ATC, etc.

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    Aug 2004
    South Supermarket in Alabang. Prices are cheaper. Better selection of imported goods and fish. Parking is free. No crowds. And they open at 8am sharp... perfect for emergency weekday shopping.

    Shopwise at other times.

    We do have SM Advantage, and shop at the Supermarket if all we're buying is veggies and a few items.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2008
    I've been to the grocery in Pioneer and it is cheaper than SM.

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    Nov 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Wh1stl3r View Post
    We try not to, as too many friends' businesses have fallen to the SM group's Save More and SM Hypermart. But sometimes doing so is so inconvenient it can't be helped. Medyo limited nga lang ang choices sa SM. They don't have flavored Coffemate for example or limited flavors only. Can someone tell me why they don't have Colgate?
    Wala ng Colgate-Palmolive products sa SM, nag pull-out sila nagkaproblema kasi sa billing. Bilib nga ako sa kanila to think ang laki ng percentage ng market sa SM pumupunta.

    About the grocery yup we do it sa SM, proximity malapit kasi sa amin and one stop shop na dun. Uso pa naman botcha ngayon kaya ang hirap bumili ng meat sa palengke. May SM credit card pa na pwede gamitin, 4 gives ang payment

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Do you do your grocery shopping at SM Supermarkets / Hypermart / SaveMore ??