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    Mar 2004
    pahabol nga pala, sis.
    Mebe you will be deluged by a lot of technical terms involved in diving such as air embolism, diving compression sickness (dcs), nitrogen narcosis, etc. it is good to know about them but do not fuzz so much about them. Just keep in mind that in rising, rule of the thumb is never to rise faster than your smallest air bubbles (instruction says not more than 50 fpm). And do not hold your breath esp when you are rising from 33 ft to surface. Immediately upon descent, start equalizing your ears para hindi you don't need to exert much pressure when equalizing b4 naramdaman mo na sumasakit na tenga mo. As for narcosis, pag naramdaman mo na parang nalalasing ka, that is the onset. Now about decompression, am sure mebe ang equipment nyo will be fitted with a dive computer. If not, just make sure you make a mandatory decompression stop for at least 3-5 min at 15 ft. when surfacing. Enjoy diving at its best.
    BTW, nitrox diving is a mixed gas diving used for longer and deeper diving endurance.

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    Feb 2004
    Fellow divers, I started a thread on "Volunteer Scuba Divers" somewhere. Kindly check it out if you feel like giving back to the environment.

    We are involved in creating artificial reefs for a fish sanctuary in Calatagan. We are also setting up a foundation on Ecosystems Rescue.

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    Mar 2004
    mr. bm5er,
    Gusto ko rin sana mag-join but for 2 reasons.

    1. Gaya ng sinabi ko previously dito, "Swertified" diver ako. I have been diving since 1978-79, then natigil, nag-resume nitong 2001 lang. I dont have a sea card since i find it expensive to enrol sa diving school.

    2. Nandito ako ngayon sa Mediterranean kumakayod. Baka maka-uwi ako last week of august.

    BTW, where is Calatagan? poor ako sa geography, he-he

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    Feb 2004
    In Batangas, around 140 kms from Ortigas area.

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    Nov 2002
    hi gretz!

    i just usually lurk around here in the forums.. di ko lang maiwasan na sumagot na on this topic

    i'm a rescue diver (PADI) and also nitrox diver... started na on my DM certification but medyo busy sa work kaya medyo tumityempo pa... ang maipapayo ko lang sa yo (ate) gretz:

    - purchase your own basic gear: mask, snorkel, fins, booties - magagamit mo rin naman ito kung sakaling hindi mo magustuhan ng sobra ang diving.. you can use these same gear when you go snorkeling...

    - wet suit purchase: depending on your budget, it would be good to get your own wet suit soon... habang nag enroll ka and you're in the process of being certified, baka i arrange sa yo ng instructor mo ang rental ng wet suit (he may opt to charge you for that.. ) but if you do find that you'd like to dive again.. the best kung sarili mong wet suit ang gamit mo.. at least... sarili mong ihi yung andun kung sakali hehe.. mostly for protection against scratches and jellyfish and the like ang wet suit... and also ang ***y tingnan ng mga babes pag naka wet suit

    - other gear: regulator, BC, dive computer - these are the other gears that you would really need para makatipid ka and to enjoy your dives better in the long run... medyo may kamahalan (ang brand new) kaya hindi naman kailangan agad agad ka bumili.. but there are 2nd hand ones out there and you can keep an eye on them...

    - dive balloon: this is a simple piece of equipment in diving that is not too expensive but may save your life... your instruction on your open water certification will educate you on this... i suggest you get this soon

    - other accessories: dive knife, dive lights, etc.. ang dami.. diving is also a business hehe..

    i've been to different dive destinations here in the philippines and also in palau... nakaka relax talaga ang diving (at least for me).. hope you'd also enjoy it ... for some people kasi hindi gaanong enjoy sa diving..

    anyway.. i'll be glad to help you out if you have any concerns..

    btw.. ang pinaka maituturing kong dive group ko .. ay kung san ako nag open water (upto rescue)... sa diveshoppe (+639175221266 Dave Santos) .. a bunch of great people and great friends... they're the same ones who captured the JVC (yata) team title a few months ago..yung na cover ng Phil. Daily Inquirer...


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    Feb 2004
    diver since 1993, rescue diver since 1996.

    dive almost every week (30 mins drive lang to our resort here in Gen. Santos)

    did a night dive last Saturday, went down to 90 feet, i just love night dives, parang nasa outer space ka


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    Jan 1970
    i know calatagan! cge, pag magaling na ko ill join you, im also a member of Marine Ecosystem Council in school

  8. DT is offline Verified Tsikot Member
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    Oct 2002
    wow, dami na palang fellow divers dito sa tsikot!

    ako din, produkto ni dave santos of diveshoppe. dadami na naman studyante nya he he.

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    Jan 1970
    this september or october, dive EB tayo sa calatagan or sa donsol!

    this is so kewl!

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    Jan 1970
    i have a huge crush on my instructor!

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