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    Feb 2006
    Just saw the movie... OK naman sya, pretty good in fact, kahit na wala na suspense for me kasi I read the book na.

    Question lang sir Linkk, pano nainsulto si Jesus Christ doon? Wala naman sya depictions of sanctioning bombs and terrorism...

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    Nov 2005
    I just saw the movie too... i almost fell asleep at some parts. Not as good as the book. started out slow. I wish they explained more. Especially about the part where the grandfather is doing the ***ual ritual..that could use explaining to somebody who hasnt read the book. i give the movie 1 thumbs up..n 1 thumbs down. not as good as i expected it to be. oh well..books are usually better than the movie.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by flagg
    Just saw the movie... OK naman sya, pretty good in fact, kahit na wala na suspense for me kasi I read the book na.

    Question lang sir Linkk, pano nainsulto si Jesus Christ doon? Wala naman sya depictions of sanctioning bombs and terrorism...

    1. The Bible was invented by Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4 th century.
    The Da Vinci Code reports that" Constantine commissioned and financed a new Bible," one that left out the Gnostic texts and included the four traditional Gospels. In fact, Constantine had nothing to do with the making of the Christian cannon. The traditional Gospels were recognized by virtually all Christians 150 years before Constantine

    2. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gnostic Gospels are the "earliest Christian records"
    Not so. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947 and date from 250B.C to AD100. However, these documents have virtually nothing to do with Christianity. The Gnostic Gospels offer a twisted and heretical version of the Christian faith, but did not come into existence until about a century or more after Christ's death. The earliest Christian records are the writings of the New Testament.

    3. The Gnostic Gospels present a positive view of the feminine.
    The Gnostic texts are said to picture a human, ***ualized Jesus who embraced the sacred feminine. Actually, the Jesus presented in the Gnostic material is often simply weird, and the underlying ideology tends to be radically anti-feminine.

    4. Early Christians did not believe Jesus was God's son. This is a bizarre claim, rooted in either willful ignorance or blindness to the obvious. Early Christians confessed that Jesus is God's Son, as the following Scriptures indicate: "Simon Peter answer and said, 'You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" [Matthew 16:16}. "For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form."[Colossians 2:9]

    5. The Council of Nicea [AD 325] invented the divinity of Jesus.
    Contrary to Dan Brown's claim, the famous church council met to clarify the divinity of Jesus, not create it. There are literally thousands of references to the divinity of Jesus in Christian literature and archaeology before the Council at Nicea.

    6. Jesus was really a pagan or a witch.
    No standard reference works on witchcraft ever include Jesus as a witch or pagan. This view depends on totally ignoring the Jewish context of the life and teaching of Jesus. If Jesus had been a pagan or a witch, this would have been noticed by the Jewish leaders who opposed Him.

    7. Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
    The novel claims that there are "countless references" to their union ancient history and that the topic" has been explored and nauseam by modern historians." First there is nothing in the New Testament or other first century material about such a marriage. Second, there is no explicit mention of the alleged marriage in the Gnostic material of the 2 nd and 3rd centuries.

    8. Jesus and Mary had a child named Sarah.
    The novel claims Mary was pregnant at the time of the death of Jesus. Joseph of Arimathea helped her move to France. There she gave birth to a girl she named Sarah. Mary and Sarah found refuge in the Jewish community in France. We are told that " countless scholars of that era chronicled Mary Magdalene's days in France" This is nothing but historical junk first made popular by the 1982 potboiler Holy Blood, Holy Grail

    9. There was a smear campaign against Mary Magdalene in Catholic tradition. To the contrary, Mary Magdalene receives positive attention in the Bible and in Catholic tradition. The mistaken view that she was a prostitute did not arise until AD 591 when Pope Gregory I confused her with a prostitute mentioned in Luke7:36-50

    10. A secret society named the Priory of Sion started in 1099 and has protected the bones of Mary Magdalene and documents about the bloodline of Jesus Christ. This is one of the most significant blunders of The Da Vinci Code. The Priory of Sion was actually started in France on May 7, 1956, by a con artist named Pierre Plantard [1920-2000]. The Priory was first a civic organization. In the 1960's Plantard created the mythology of a secret society led by figures such as Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci.

    11. Ancient documents about the Priory were discovered in the Bibliotheque
    Nationale in Paris in 1975. (The Da Vinci Code refers to these alleged
    parchments as Les Dossiers Secrets.)
    These documents are not ancient but are actually forgeries done by Philppe de
    Cherisey (1925-1985), a co-conspirator with Plantard. They were not discovered
    by the French library in 1975 but were placed there by Plantard in 1967. Both
    admitted the hoax before their deaths. In fact, Plantard was forced to admit his
    fraud in a French court case in September 1993.

    12. There are historical lists of the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion.
    Actually, when Plantard invented the Priory of Sion he copied most of his list of Grand Masters from lists of alleged leaders of other groups, such as the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, a secret society founded in America in 191. He also changed the list from time to time as he adopted different conspiracy theories about his Priory of Sion.

    13. The Holy Grail is not the cup used at the Last Supper but the bones of Mary Magdalene.
    The Novel states that "the quest for the Holy Grail is literally the quest to kneel
    before the bones of Mary Magdalene. A journey to pray at the feet of the outcast
    one, the lost sacred feminine." The Holy Grail legends started about AD 1180
    and continued thru the 19th century. They never involved claims about the bones
    of Mary Magdalene.

    14. The Knights Templar guarded the bones of Mary Magdalene and four huge chests of ancient documents about the bloodline of Jesus Christ and the French kings who descended from Him. The Knights Templar is a religious military order founded in the early 12th century. Hugues de Payens, a French Knight, led eight comrades in the campaign to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land. It has never been argued in the historical material about the Templars that the protected either Mary Magdalene or documents about French Kings. These are the inventions of Plantard who declared at one point that he was the descendant of Jesus and the proper heir to the French throne!

    15. Leonardo da Vinci was once the Grand Master of The Priory of Sion.
    The Priory started 437 years after the great artist. Not one Leonardo da Vinci specialist in the entire world has supported the view that he once headed a pagan *** cult.

    16. Leonardo da Vinci placed Mary Magdalene next to Jesus in his famous painting The Last Supper. In da Vinci's time everyone believed that this person was John, the beloved disciple. Renaissance art specialists have always noted that John was painted in a rather effeminate manner. Of course, even if da Vinci put a woman next to Jesus in his painting, this would not tell us anything about the real Last Supper more than 14 centuries earlier.

    17. The Catholic Church killed 5 million women during the Witchcraft Inquistion. The women targeted as witches were freethinkers, scholars, priestesses, gypsies, nature lovers, mystics and midwives. The novel radically misinterprets the nature and scope of the Inquisition. First, both men and women were targeted as witches. Second, the female victims totaled no more than 100,000 counting both males and females. Most important, the Inquisition was rooted in the real belief that certain men and women actually worshiped Satan and performed diabolical acts of evil.

    18. French President Francois Mitterand ordered 666 panes of glass in the pyramid at the front entrance to the Louvre. The novel adopts a false rumor that circulated in French society two decades ago. Mitterand did not order 666 panes of glass to be in the pyramid. In fact it actually was 673.

    19. Early Jewish as well as Christian tradition involved *** ritualism in worship. There is not a single hint in the entire Old Testament or in Jewish history that *** rites were part of temple worship. Jewish males did not engage in *** with priestesses in the temple. The word "priestess" is not even used in the Old Testament. In the novel Jesus and Mary Magdalene are pictured as the ideal participants in an early Christian *** ritual. This wild claim has no basis in history.

    20. True worship involves *** ritualism. The da Vinci Code states that "historically,
    Intercourse was the act through which male and female experienced God" and that "by communing with woman man could achieve a climatic instant when his mind went totally blank and he could see God." The da Vinci Code will bring great harm to every innocent religious seeker who follows its endorsement of *** ritual as the path to God.

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    Aysus, eto nanaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkk
    i know its a work of fiction and its a big joke, pero why allow it? Its like insulting your mother then sasabihin sau, joke lang pare wag kang pikon. kung yung mga muslim brothers nga natin i potray ma lang si mahomed ng di maganda, suicide bomber na katapat mo.
    I don't know, but not everyone here is Christian. And non-Christians want to see the movie too. Besides, it's a movie. For heaven's sake it's JUST a movie. Unless they claimed at any point in the movie that it was based from a true story, it is not.

    And your Muslim thing is SUCH a hasty generalization.

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    Oct 2002
    Linkk: Read from page 1. hehe...

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    Jul 2005
    naku, baka mag-suicide bombing na yan si sir Linkk, mahirap na umattend sa EB...hehe. joke lang sir Linkk, wag mapipikon di bale, kung kasalanan man, lagot kay Lord mga nanood nyan.

    mapanood na nga yang Da Vinci Code na yan, curious na ko talaga e.

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    Oct 2002
    Pat Robertson's cult is growing hehe.

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    Oct 2004
    That is suppose to be a secret.

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    Jan 2006
    The Da Vinci Code, I read the book... I watched the movie... and I have NO plans to change my religion based on this best-selling fiction novel.

    I just treat it like Indiana Jones where they showed the location of the ark of the covenant and Holy Grail... just fiction.

    By the way, they plan to turn Angels and Demons into a movie, this is the first adventure of Robert Langdon. Some say its better than The Da Vinci Code, but since it was less controversial, the book wasn't as popular.

    One problem with The Da Vinci Code, it was so controversial, that a lot of people read the book and set their standards high for the movie...

    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    Pat Robertson's cult is growing hehe.
    That would make a good Dan Brown Book.
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