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    Feb 2004
    eto ang dahilan why some thought leonardo was gay.

    A remarkable event happened on 8. April 1476. At this time it was usual to put anonymous accusations in a wooden box (called tamburo), which was put up in front of the Palazzo Vecchio (Picture).
    On 8. April Leonardo and four others were accused. The anonymous person accused Leonardo to have a homo***ual affair with Jacopo Saltarelli, who was a model. The procedure ended for all participants with an acquittal of the charge.
    This story is an indication of the supposed homo***uality of Leonardo da Vinci.

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by margaux
    hehe... yun lang ba yung di pinakita from the book?
    Other than making some parts in the movie shorter, they took out some extra "lecture" portions about the mysteries behind Da Vinci's paintings, most of the details though are fiction, rumors, myths etc yet still interesting if you like old paintings.
    Like the "Madonna of the rocks" for example:

    This original version above was a bit bizarre and unorthodox(look at the strange hand gestures) ...he gave a long explanation on this in the book which they skipped in the movie.
    This is the 2nd version below (watered-down?)
    Its now known as the "Virgin of the Rocks".

    This is the wikipedia version of Dan Brown's explanation:
    In the popular novel The Da Vinci Code, written by the American novelist Dan Brown, it is claimed that the earlier Louvre version contained hidden symbolism which contradicted orthodox Christian belief, notably the fact that Jesus is shown praying to John rather than the other way round (the novel implies that the baby at the left must be Jesus rather than John, because he is with the Madonna). It is also claimed that the Virgin appears to be holding an invisible head and that Uriel appears to be "slicing the neck" with his finger. Allegedly, for this reason the painting was rejected by the Church, and a second, more orthodox, version was painted.

    There is no historical evidence to support any of these contentions. The only significant compositional difference between the two versions (excluding the later addition of attributes) is the fact that Uriel no longer points. However this difference may well be explained by the possibility that the distinction between Jesus and John was thought to be insufficiently clear in the earlier picture because John is with the Madonna, and that the pointing gesture directed too much attention to John.

    Indeed far from the painting being "too scandalous" to show in a church, Leonardo and de Predises actually wanted more money from the church than had been originally agreed. The church agreed to pay a substantial bonus but not as much as Leonardo and de Predises wanted. So Leonardo and de Predises sold it to a private collector and then made a second copy (arguably a superior one as it turned out). So popular (not scandalous) did these paintings prove that it is believed that they painted a third version which is now lost.

    The original "Madonna of the rocks" is in the Louvre, Paris while the second version hangs in the National Gallery in London under the title "Virgin of the rocks"
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    Oct 2002
    yung mickey mouse nakita ko nung nasa armored truck sila habang minamasahe ni sophie ang ulo ng robert...

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    Dec 2003
    watched it last night..medyo bored ako sa 1st half..ending was longer than expected..buti nalang P50 lang bayad sa mall cinema dito

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    Mar 2005
    P50 mura ah

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    Oct 2004
    napanuod na namin..ok naman sakin yung movie,hindi boring kahit na 2hrs++ siya..sabi nga ng hun ko may mga naiba compared sa book..

    grabeh yung pila sa glorieta cinema kahapon,nakakamatay ata yung dami ng tao..buti sa gb3 kami...

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    Apr 2006
    The book is much better than the movie. I couldn't put it down when I started reading it. The movie was nice to watch. Both formats were highly entertaining.

    Being a thinking practioner of Christianity, I question some teachings from time to time. I owe it to myself not to be a blind follower. But this book and movie, did not even prick my belief since it is obviously a fiction.

    I am more offended of over-acting politicians and religious officials who think we cannot be entrusted to consume such information (or recreation). Could it be that, to a large extent, it is all this overreaction that is feeding the snowballing interest in this movie?

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    May 2005
    just watched it .. found the movie so-so .. my father-in-law slept during the first part .. i was praying that he wouldn't snore .. hehe ..

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    Apr 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by neko-chan
    hmmm, nawala yung mga posters ng Da Vinci Code sa SM Cinemas na dati nasa next attraction... magkakaroon kaya ng surprise grand premiere o totally hindi ipapalabas sa SM? Biggest Cinema operator ang SM, if i'm not mistaken. And i heard that Henry Sy is a renewed Christian..

    Sa mga independent cinemas ko siguro papanoorin to...
    I heard his wife and himself are ... which explains the nice looking church very near Mall of Asia (c/o Henry Sy). Which explains why SM has pulled out this movie from their cinemas.

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    Oct 2002
    showing kaya ito sa edsa shang mall? mahaba din kaya ang pila dito kung weekdays?

Da Vinci Code