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    Oct 2002
    tiba tiba nanaman mga dee beee dee nyan panigurado!

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    Apr 2006
    Saw the movie. It wasn't too bad. Nice storytelling and a decent cast. Read the book or not, you should give this a shot. Its better than the common drivel that shows in your moviehouses anyway.

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    Oct 2002
    critics laughed at the "highest" scene of the movie (ano kayang scene yun?) sa cannes when it was shown there.

    it was lame daw...lots of boring conversations and flashbacks.

    basta ang pangit na review dito sa canada.pati buhok ni tom hanks hindi pinatawad.

    but still..nood parin ako for curiousity's sake
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    May 2006
    Opus Dei reacted to the way the prelature was depicted here....they're citing Sony Pictures bastadrdization of their Code Of Conduct regarding the religious prejudice againt Catholics in this movie.

    To those who already wached it, has anyone noticed a disclaimer about this movie being a fiction and all?

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    Dec 2003
    uy showing na dito, time to watch hehe

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    Oct 2002
    "Fiction is lying to tell the truth."
    --S.K. Nave

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    May 2005
    Grabe naman kababawan to!!! Akala siguro, pogi points!!

    City of Manila bans ‘Da Vinci Code’
    May 19, 2006
    Updated 02:20am (Mla time)
    Tina G. Santos

    MOVIEGOERS in Manila may have to go to neighboring cities to watch “The Da Vinci Code” after the city council yesterday passed a resolution prohibiting the showing of the controversial movie.

    The resolution said the movie, which was based on US author Dan Brown’s explosive novel, “is undoubtedly offensive and contrary to established religious beliefs which cannot take precedence over the right of the persons involved in the film to freedom of expression.”

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    May 2006
    It's true mababaw 'to....parang in-underestimate ng Manila Coucil ang intellect ng moviegoers pero this is the best they can do at the moment to stop a freelance idea from proliferating.
    Some facts about the book and the movie:
    1. The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction?
    What is The Da Vinci Code?
    The Da Vinci Code is a novel. Its publisher, Doubleday, released it with much fanfare in March 2003 and heavily promoted it. As a result, it debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and has remained on it since, selling millions of copies. The publisher claims that it is "the bestselling adult novel of all time within a one-year period." So popular has The Da Vinci Code become that it has created a marketing boom for books related to the novel, and it has become the subject of a major motion picture scheduled to be released in 2005.
    What is The Da Vinci Code About?
    It is a thriller story involving secret societies, conspiracies, the Catholic Church, and the fictional "truth" about Jesus Christ. Here is the author's own summary:
    A renowned Harvard symbologist is summoned to the Louvre Museum to examine
    a series of cryptic symbols relating to Da Vinci's artwork. In decrypting the code,
    he uncovers the key to one of the greatest mysteries of all time . . . and he
    becomes a hunted man.
    1 During the course of the novel it is alleged that the Catholic Church is perpetuating a major, centuries-long conspiracy to hide the "truth" about Jesus Christ from the public, and it or its agents are willing to stop at nothing, including murder, to do so.
    What does Leonardo da Vinci have to do with the story?
    Da Vinci is portrayed as a former head of the conspiracy guarding the "truth" about Jesus Christ. In the novel he is said to have planted various codes and secret symbols in his work, particularly in his painting of the Last Supper. According to the novel, this painting depicts Jesus' alleged wife, Mary Magdalene, next to him as a symbol of her prominence in his true teaching. In reality, the figure that Dan Brown identifies as Mary Magdalene is John the Evangelist, who traditionally has been regarded as the youngest of the apostles and so is often pictured in medieval art without a beard.
    Why should a Catholic be concerned about the novel?
    Although a work of fiction, the book claims to be meticulously researched, and it goes to great lengths to convey the impression that it is based on fact. It even has a "fact" page at the front of the book underscoring the claim of factuality for particular ideas within the book. As a result, many readers-both Catholic and non-Catholic-are taking the book's ideas seriously. The problem is that many of the ideas that the book promotes are anything but fact, and they go directly to the heart of the Catholic faith. For example, the book promotes these ideas:
    • Jesus is not God; he was only a man.
    • Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
    • She is to be worshiped as a goddess.
    • Jesus got her pregnant, and the two had a daughter.
    • That daughter gave rise to a prominent family line that is still present in Europe today.
    • The Bible was put together by a pagan Roman emperor.
    • Jesus was viewed as a man and not as God until the fourth century, when he was deified by the emperor Constantine.
    • The Gospels have been edited to support the claims of later Christians.
    • In the original Gospels, Mary Magdalene rather than Peter was directed to establish the Church.
    • There is a secret society known as the Priory of Sion that still worships Mary Magdalene as a goddess and is trying to keep the truth alive.
    • The Catholic Church is aware of all this and has been fighting for centuries to keep it
    suppressed. It often has committed murder to do so.
    • The Catholic Church is willing to and often has assassinated the descendents of Christ to keep his bloodline from growing.

    Catholics should be concerned about the book because it not only misrepresents their Church as a murderous institution but also implies that the Christian faith itself is utterly false.

    Should other Christians be concerned about the book?
    Definitely. Only some of the offensive claims of The Da Vinci Code pertain directly to the Catholic Church. The remainder strike at the Christian faith itself. If the book's claims were true, then all forms of Christianity would be false (except perhaps for Gnostic/feminist versions focusing on Mary Magdalene instead of Jesus).

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by resmile
    City of Manila bans ‘Da Vinci Code’
    Siksikan siguro sa neighboring cinemas, tapos wala lahat ng SM malls. Masaya ang mga Robinsons. Dadami ang moviegoers nila. Hehe.

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    Oct 2002
    I already watched it kagabi. Good acting on the part of Tom Hanks. Maraming scenes ang nakakagulat. Sigawan yung ibang viewers. Galing din nung nag-portray kay Silas (sya yung star sa The Dead Zone Series). Pero I still like the book better hehehehe. Pero magaling ang pagkakagawa ng movie kasi naipalabas nila lahat nung mga importanteng events sa story.

    I'll give the movie 3 stars out of 5.

    BTW, the movie did not even scratch the epidermis of my faith

Da Vinci Code