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    Oct 2002
    Eastwood Cinema 2:

    Eastwood Cinema 3:
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    Aug 2005
    MTRCB is da DEVIL!!!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by M54 Powered
    boo to the MTRCB! i guess they think pinoys are not capable of thinking for themselves...or maybe they think that the faith of their countrymen is so weak that a 2-hour movie can instantly undo a lifetime of teachings and values
    Ummm... they didn't ban it right? Just an R rating to appease those who are calling for its outright banning and those who want it to be shown.

    Quote Originally Posted by M54 Powered
    palagay ko mali ang casting nila dun sa leading lady. Audrey Tautou?? bakit hindi si Monica Belluci?? :inlove:
    Ahh... yes... Monica Belluci...

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    Dec 2005
    Manila bans showing of ‘The Da Vinci Code’

    THE CITY government of Manila on Thursday banned all cinemas in the Philippine capital from screening the controversial film “The Da Vinci Code."
    A resolution was signed by a majority of the city councilors just hours after it premiered in Asia's bastion of Catholicism.

    The resolution said the movie, which was based on US author Dan Brown's explosive novel, is "offensive to the established beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church."

    It stressed that the country's Revised Penal Code states that "it is a crime to exhibit films which offend a religion."

    City councilor Benjamin Asilo, who authored the resolution, said malls and cinema owners who defy the ban risked being fined, or their owners imprisoned.

    Those caught selling pirated DVDs or VCDs of the movie could also be jailed for up to six months, Asilo warned.

    The movie takes a leaf from Brown's book which put forward the theory that Jesus Christ was married to the biblical prostitute Mary Magdalene, had children and that the sacred blood line still exists today in secret.

    The government's censor bureau earlier this week allowed the film to be shown but gave it an R-18 rating, meaning it is restricted to adults.

    Members of the politically influential Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines have also branded the movie as blasphemous.

    The Philippines is Asia's bastion of Catholicism, with over 80 percent of its 84 million population belonging to the religion.

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    Oct 2002
    I watched the movie kanina. Satanist na ko ngayon...NOT!!!

    The movie was ok. Not that spectacular, less entertaining than MI3 but still ok.

    I don't know what those religious freaks have against this movie, maybe they should try and watch it first.

    It was just like any treasure hunt movie.
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    Sa makati siguradong ipapalabas yan

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    Nov 2002
    ill watch the movie pag punta ko ng manila=) its a movie to watch indeed, though i had read the book, first time kasi na mapapanuod ko binasa ko=)

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    Aug 2005
    Mayor Atienza is da DEVIL!!!

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    Nov 2002
    your faith doesnt depend on 1 book and a movie, your faith should depend on what you have within, having read the book, i could say that there are a few errors though some may be true or parallel to what we believe in, however the bottomline is how deep your faith and how you trust in him that matters, no author, book nor movie could or must rattle your belief in God and his only son jesus christ.

    let us not forget that he died on the cross for us all=)

    words of caution to the youth who might be able to catch the film or read the book, what you are about too read or see is fiction, if after watching the film and doubts surfaces, just answer this question, did in one way God doubted you?=)

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    Sep 2003
    Nothing really spectacular, just putting the Opus Dei in a badlight. Its parang National Treasure with Men in Black 2 awful ending (hehehe). Yun nga lang sinasuggest lang that Christ is only mortal and it is the Church who made him divine blah-blah...Anyway, may X-men naman next week!

Da Vinci Code