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View Poll Results: Would you accept a higher paying job but with a lower position?

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    6 46.15%
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  • Depends. (Give considerations.)

    7 53.85%
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  1. Join Date
    Sep 2003
    Ok ako dyan!

    If your confident enough na makukuha mo ulit yung dati mong posisyon at kaya mong lagpasan pa and you will earn more.

    Saan ba yan lipat ako kaagad!!!


  2. Join Date
    Dec 2003
    Sometimes bigger pay is not always as big as you think. For example ngayon I need to pay an accountant, buy my own pc, dsl, health insurance, etc. Dati atleast I just go to office and do my job and get paid the end of the month.

    It also normally means they can demand higher amount of work from you. Normally ang normal equation is bigger pay = more work. Kung minsan talaga susulitin ka talaga, and they have a right to.

    Kaya minsan sa akin hindi uso ang weekend, office hours, holiday, etc. Pero minsan naman ay nasa mall ako and still getting payed... hehehehe.

    Kaya nga ang tawag ay "compensation". That means you will sacrifice something in exchange for the money. Kung ok sa iyo ang sacrifice then take the money, included na jan kung baba ang position mo.

    Opps better get back to work baka mawalan ng compensation

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    Dec 2003
    I think I can relate to your friends dilemma, although my experience is slightly different.

    I went from a big corporation to a small company while having the same title but 2x the salary. Technically the job scope is where all the difference here is. I am currently doing what I was doing two level's below what I can and used to do.

    In terms of growth there's still tremendous opportunity for it as I am able to see what I missed during my fast paced promotion. However, after a year I find this envoronment to be to immature and am in the hunt again for work. My old company raised the bar on compensations to match the skillset of the people they have. Taking into consideration the fast paced nature of this industry I could've been getting 3x of what I am getting before not just 2x if I stayed on with the old company.

    I don't have any regrets though, since I could not have known what I know now, such is the price of knowledge and experience.

  4. Join Date
    Oct 2002

    i'll take environment and career opportunities as a major factor.

    malaki nga sweldo, di ka naman masaya or masaya at kuntento ka na sa salary mo pero no room for promotion or wala ka nang matutunan

    happened to me at this early age of mine
    supervisor already, been hired by another company that offers me the 20% plus amount to what i get when i was a sup, technical works, lots of career opps, pero DI MASAYA, di kagaya sa dati kong company. Ngayon medyo nagsisi me ngayon am almost considering resignation.

  5. Join Date
    Aug 2003
    regarding the waiter-resto manager thingy...interesting B).

    ewan ko lang kung gaano kalaki ung diperensya sa sahod, pero u have to consider that the manager has a lot more skills than the waiter. i mean, he/she *is* managing the resto, right?

    and think about career advancement -- be it in the same resto, another resto, or if you want to put up your own resto -- who do you think is better equipped in the long run?

    peace bros, personal opinion lang po B).

  6. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    pero also take note na minsan may trade off. just like what the others said, higher salary can equate to higher expectations and bigger responsibilities. also, pwede rin na malaki compensation pero panget ang benefits, as well as vice versa.

  7. Join Date
    Feb 2003
    Originally posted by roninblade
    sabi nung isang resident hacker namin sa previous company ko. "why be a nobody in a big company when you can be somebody in a small company?" this guy could easily make it in any of the huge IT companies pero sa small-medium sized companies pa din ang mga trabaho nya before.
    imho, i don't agree with this. been there, done that...

    siguro applicable ito if you're still young and hungry for action, dinaanan ko din to in the past. made huge jumps in my career by moving from a huge company to a small one. its the same as "big fish in a small pond and small fish in a big pond". in my 10 years in the IT industry, i have tried 2 multi-nationals, 2 foreign startups (during the tech bubble), 2 small local firms.

    anyways, i have no regrets with my decisions in past bec. it still brought me to where i am today (back in a big multi-national firm). my views have changed as well because i now have a family

    lessons learned:

    1. in a big company you may not always be the star, but its up to you to shine.
    2. no substitute to stability.
    3. as you go up the ladder, the more you are vulnerable to attacks that could lead to your departure.
    4. management level people are easier to fire than rank and file employees.
    5. office politics is just as bad in a small company as it is in a big one.
    6. family owned and managed corporations suck (in the context of the IT industry).
    7. you work to live and not the other way around.

    sana makatulong to

  8. Join Date
    Jan 2004
    Interestingly, nobody replied a straight no in the survey.

    Thanks guys for your opinions.

    I also asked several guys outside the forum.

    And yes, it's my dilemma. I finally said no, unless of course they double my salary, which I doubt. Hehehe.

  9. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by wrecker
    6. family owned and managed corporations suck (in the context of the IT industry).
    not just in the IT industry, i think in all industries, applicable ito. it should be family owned but professionally managed just like what the AYALAS did. IMO lang po.

  10. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    I think the most important thing you have to remember is that just because you'll be employed by this company, doesn't mean you automatically have to continue your career in that same company.

    If the current company values you (and you clearly can see where the company's goals are heading and it's in line with your career plans) then your chance of staying in that company for a long time will be more probable.

    As long as you are confident that you are marketable, YOU are the only one that can say "IM BETTER THAN THIS..." if so, leave and look for a better employer.

    Something I find interesting in the Phil is that workers have this tendency to not know the difference between a career and a job...

    A career can be found in almost any other company that needs your skills. You don't need a title for a career, as long as you enjoy what you're doing while it's paying you well, go at it. If your previous interest no longer gives you the drive, maybe it's time you change careers.

    A job is where you try to fit in to a system just so you can get paid doing what you're hired for.

    I've been in IT for 5 years now, I'm doing this coz I enjoy my work and I can see how my CAREER is directly influencing my JOB decision, not the other way around.

    Oh, I'm not even an IT/Comsci graduate...

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