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    Oct 2002
    i know radiation can cause infertility, i just dnt know if ur laptop has enough radiation to make u infertile. but knowing that, wag mo na gawin. just to be safe right.

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    Nov 2002
    san ba nanggagaling ang radiation sa laptop?

    saka okay lang siguro lagay un's called a laptop naman eh..

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    Jan 1970
    i usually use the laptop at least 2 hours a day everyday

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    Oct 2002
    i would think that a laptop would emit very negligible amounts of radiation, even one equipped with wireless communication devices.

    imagine if it didn't... laptop manufacturers would be in absolute litigation hell hehehehehe

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    Jul 2003
    ang alam ko ang screen lang din ang may radiation, just like ur regular monitor...

    pero itong mga device na mga to negligible nga ata.. ang nakakabaog eh yung mga radioactive talaga kasi mataas ang concentration... like un mga tinamaan ng atomic bomb or nuclear reactor explosions. tsaka yung naaexpose sa radioactive wastes

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    Oct 2002
    Laptops can produce radiation. Mostly EMF (electro-magnetic-frequency) type radiation from the unit's power system. LCD displays dont produce any radiation.

    Personally, the amount emitted by your laptop should be considered negligible unless the internal metal shielding has been damaged. Usual cause of damaged shielding, it was serviced.

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    Jan 1970
    thanks guys! i feel better now. ;)

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    Mar 2004
    urban legend lang yata yan eh. How about yung mga nakaharap sa computer screen for about 8 hours a day? better yet yung mga naglalaro ng computer games ng mga 12-18 hrs a day.

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can radiation affect fertility?