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    Quote Originally Posted by j_avonni View Post

    Matagal ko na rin hindi nakikita ang mga logos na ito.

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    I believe in the fundamentals that are being taught especially in BSP, those things that are not being learned inside the classroom but rather in the outdoors. Those experiences are truly worthwhile and still very useful. Like the discipline and the feeling of always prepared at any time.

    Miss ko yung camping, competitions (builds confidence), hikings, jogging at dawn with matching ha-ha chant (ano ba yan?....hah! hah!...etc), cooking using the things that you only have (resourcefulness), hay! dami talaga! Kung ganito sana mga iskul boys ngaun wala sanang pasaway.

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    Yeah, a lot can be learned by todays kids in Scouting. Kids today are so obsessed with so many distractions that they forget to utilize their brains and bodies for more sensible things. Things that will eventually be essential to their future. Kaya marami sa kanila, bata pa lang, parang mga couch potato na. "Laging handa". Simple pakinggan pero it encompasses so many aspects in life.

    And this is another case wherein these bums in congress just have too much time on their hands. Para bang, a teka...matagal na akong di naririnig ng constituents ko, subukan ko kaya ito? And take a look at the characters. Butz, Gloria, & Rambutito? What a pathetic bunch! Napakadali sana kung puwede lang i-off ang mga buwisit na ito ng remote control ng tv. The worse thing is....all of us taxpayers are squeezed for this bunch's payslip. Boys scouts, girl scouts, matagal nang symbols yan, sana naman huwag na nila pakialalaman dahil lang gusto nila MAALALA para sa eleksiyon.

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