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    Oct 2002
    wala na daw paypal si Macky. hanapan nalang ng sponsor yung mga multis.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by boybi
    wala na daw paypal si Macky. hanapan nalang ng sponsor yung mga multis.
    Si MNG nagi isponsor! Yung ang nag-sponsor sa akin. Pati si Erap dun ko ipapa isponsor. Yung mga multis sa kanya natin ipa-isponsor. Kailangan natin ng spies!

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    Oct 2002
    pero meron limit si MNG diba? mas mura kasi magsponsor. $2 lang more than 100turns na yun, kesa sa bibili ka ng turns na $5 per 100 turns.

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    Oct 2002
    meron ba? hindi ko alam e pero 23 yung ni-refer nun. madami-dami den ang kaya nun kaya kailangan makapag-sabi agad kami ni Erap

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    Oct 2002
    Hindi ko pa den lubos maisip to:

    Bordello Battles

    Sino daw yung #1 gang?

  6. FrankDrebin Guest

    Unbelievable ba talaga? Ako rin nabigla!

    Marami yata ang naging bitter this round 12 sa BB Forum. Wala pa akong nakikitang-negative feedback regarding our win.

    So whats the next plan this round 13?

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    Oct 2002
    kahit si JT, tinitira na tayo sa pimpgazette... yung tactic kasi nating "no thug buy" ay kinoconsider NIYA na cheating...

    mukhang mga nasa loob ang kulo ng mga yan... hehehe... hindi pa rin makapaniwala sa win natin... :p after nilang magyabangan sa forums at chat... hahaha

  8. FrankDrebin Guest

    This call for a celebration! At Macky's Place! ;)


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    Oct 2002
    Opinions: Round #12 Review by JethroTull
    ait** Before you scroll by this article, this isn't my normal article. You'll actually like it

    Well, this round was........ uhm........ a round......

    Ever since rez announced the thought of Juice Points a round or two ago, I've been very interested in it. I like the JP system, I like the path the game has taken (gang system excluded). The randomness of attacks that has been factored in proportional to JP I think is just perfect. It should be like that. It's no fun with "He who has the most JP will when in the attack" and I think it's weighted just right.

    Something else I think took BB down a right path was thug experience. It was a good concept for the game and a good development. The only problem is these pathetic people who either need to get a life, grow up past the age of 18, or perhaps if that is too much, get out some vaseline and a stuffed gorilla like eXile. These are the people who cheat at Monopoly being the banker. Damn, thug experience was a good idea; however, due to children like snoop007 and some top10 people (I won't mention names), the game had to regress. Same with selling whores to gang members, the option had to be removed, thus regressing the game.

    RANDOM LOG: This is a chat that has taken place sometime within the last three days:

    |15:24| <Frank> Bordello Battles....The online game where cheaters prosper!
    |15:26| <Bob> You know it!
    |15:26| <Frank> I'm so sick and tired of these bullshit tactics that the pussy gangs pull
    |15:26| <Bob> us honest people must suffer
    |15:26| <Bob> Billy!!!!!!!!!!!
    |15:28| <Billy> as right now, I feel only contempt for The Other Gang
    |15:30| <Bob> : )
    |15:31| <Billy> JT, to ur knowledge, has a gang ever done this be4?
    |15:32| <Frank> Whew! I had to stop myself. I was writing a scathing post in taunt and flaming about how The Other Gang was a bunch of pussies and how *************** was a bitch for lrtting this **** go on and how he must bend over nightly for the cheatersg
    |15:33| <Billy> it is by far the lowest tactic I have ever seen
    |15:34| <Bob> wow Frank!
    |15:34| <Frank> my round is over, no use in attcking anymore 4 cash when The Other Gang is going to take it and I can't do anything about it
    |15:35| <Frank> The Other Gang is in popo
    |15:36| <Billy> sad thing is, most of us have a higher JP than many The Other Gang members
    |15:36| <Billy> so rez's idea of JP fails
    |15:37| <Billy> as do most of them, as people find a way around them
    |15:37| <Billy> but there's nothing we can do since they're in popo
    |15:38| <Frank> I've never been more pissed off at this game than i am now
    |15:38| <Billy> I'm right there with you
    |15:41| <Frank> isnt The Other Gang=********
    |15:42| <Billy> so they say
    |15:42| <Frank> next round I'm all about leveling their punk asses
    |15:44| <Billy> lol, we get burned because we play fair, yet few others do
    |15:44| <Frank> we're gonna need a solid strategy 4 next round
    |15:45| <Billy> unfortunately, the best strategy is a "dirty" strategy

    So, speaking of regressing, let's talk about the gang system this round (and no, this isn't some article to discuss how I think the gang system should be shifted). I've seen 5 asshole tactics this round that require the game to regress again, this time, in the department of gangs:

    1) Have gang members register a multi AND/OR get an account reset and have them sit in a low hood until after a war is declared and the low level hoods are in popo, then they upgrade to attack.
    2) Kick out half the gang, have them attack the half that's still in the gang until in popo, then declare on another gang rendering the other gang with no options.
    3) Getting into popo, then declaring.
    4) Declaring on a gang while they're at war with the pigs (NO! This shouldn't be like this. This makes it so that the object is for one gang to risk it all to take on the pigs just so another gang can declare during it and get the money)
    5) "Forgetting" to buy thugs in an attack.

    We've seen this all round long. I pray that the cheating LSD (who've employed all the above) wins this round so that the end results match the contents of the round. This is nothing about being the most strategic or tactic, it's cheating. Period --------------> . <------------------------ Period


    tapos tinira tayo dito:

    PQeutronBomb (AKA PQ) -- PQ has had an excellent round as a godfather. She finally presented a good honest gang to BB. We have gone WAY too long with just Hoods, 313, and ADC. She's led an awesome group of members, and with great unity. It's a lil too bad that their #1 victory was spoiled by a gang that employed cheat tactic #5 on them. Nonetheless, WMD exacted their revenge and rest assured that PQ came up with a plan that spoiled the attempts of the declaring gang.

  10. FrankDrebin Guest
    "Weder weder lang yan."
    - Pres. Joseph "Erap" Estrada

Bordello Battles Round 12!