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    Oct 2002

    Here's what I think happened. WMD was #1 after reset Saturday. They have more than 2,000,000,000,000 in gang pot. g0d declared on the same day WMD made the greatest comeback in BB history against ADC. Katulad nung inaakala kong nangyari, the better members of WMD attacked ADC and when g0d declared.... wala nang maibuga pa ang WMD thus they distrubuted their gang pot para walang mahuthot sa kanila ang g0d. Remember that g0d was at #4 at that time. This is only my story of what could have happened but I'm thinking that the biggest cash transferred by WMD to its members where to the members that stood a chance in the individual rankings. As I've mentioned in our message board in BB, PT is in good shape 8 hours before the round end. Unfortunately, she became greedy and attacked tecbud. Even though PT is maxed out in attacks in, tecbud used his revenge attack to get back at PT..... poor PT, she can't do anything!

    Now for LSD..... LSD was #2 after reset Saturday. They obviously didn't war the cops and was content on what they got against their last war against g0d. I was thinking they would war the cops as they recruited heavily during the last 2 days of the round and was with atleast 10 or more members before reset last Saturday. That's their downfall as they could have declared against the cops. Looking at the gang ranks, somebody might have declared against them before or after they declare on the cops. We, on the other hand war GDZ who has quietly beaten the cops on Saturday before reset. We creamed GDZ and won more than 200,000,000,000 which could have been more if they hadn't distributed some to their members.

    Rank Gang Avg Networth
    1 Tarugo Pimps Inc 1,154,824,553,111
    2 The 313 334,969,206,613
    3 Olympus 143,930,771,166
    4 THE GODDAMN ZILLAS 101,380,930,367
    5 Lookin 4 Someone to Demolish 36,883,760,997
    6 The Hoods Elite 21,311,090,162
    7 Alcoholics Anonymous 18,981,244,219
    8 Weapons of Mass Destruction 10,065,230,318
    9 La Cosa Nostra 5,584,513,940
    10 Another Disturbing Creation 3,631,606,441
    11 Chicago West Side Playa Pimps 1,957,607,053
    12 Pimp or Die 947,903,131
    13 Without Official Papers 677,764,075
    14 Pimpin Aint Easy 599,119,821

    We won and we beat our nearest competition more than 3 to 1!!! Our war with GDZ saved us as we could have been declared upon by stronger gangs JP-wise before reset Saturday.

    Wooohooo, we join the likes of STINK, PU, DSP, and DSP who have won a round of BB.

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    Oct 2002
    Ungas, did 313 war the cops? How did they got to #2?

  3. FrankDrebin Guest
    Good Job guys!

    Everyone contributes a lot for the gang. I was expecting a place in the top 5 but this is way too much for my expectation.

    Btw, I believe we ended God's reign at BB. ;)

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    Oct 2002
    Player Ranks
    62 mazdamazda [ TPI ] $ 33,906,073,362
    85 kumag [ TPI ] $ 13,760,907,513
    93 Ungas [ TPI ] $ 12,418,939,801
    96 boybi [ TPI ] $ 11,918,963,545
    97 Macky [ TPI ] $ 11,880,511,546
    101 FrankDrebin [ TPI ] $ 11,255,649,039
    105 alnr [ TPI ] $ 10,187,262,862
    109 tikzchat [ TPI ] $ 8,977,018,886
    122 monk3y [ TPI ] $ 6,710,208,543
    148 DeltaBravo [ TPI ] $ 5,428,295,033

    44 kilabot [ ADC ] $ 90,680,149,224
    300 Kupal [ 313 ] $ 130,055,116
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    Oct 2002
    Top Salesperson
    92 Macky 9,438,816,000

    Top Attackers
    17 mazdamazda 478
    23 DeltaBravo 451
    25 FrankDrebin 443
    29 boybi 430
    69 alnr 342
    96 kumag 282

    52 kilabot 378
    84 Kupal 306

    Top Attacked
    20 mazdamazda 355
    26 alnr 331
    37 boybi 319
    38 FrankDrebin 319
    41 DeltaBravo 314
    68 monk3y 275

    6 Kupal 421
    31 kilabot 326

    Top Referrers
    9 ungas 7
    48 deltabravo 2
    53 tikzchat 2

    92 kumag 1

    Top Looking Hos
    14 boybi 49
    27 DeltaBravo 47
    28 mazdamazda 47
    81 FrankDrebin 45
    93 monk3y 45

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    Oct 2002
    nawala yata si alnr.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Macky
    Ungas, did 313 war the cops? How did they got to #2?
    I have no idea, si FrankDrebin ang may hawak sa account ni Kupal who was with 313 the whole round. Di ko nasilip.

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    Oct 2002
    e2 ang nangyari...

    after WMD shot up the rankings (after getting more the 2 Trillion Dollars), alam na nilang i attack sila ng GOD (GOD was putting themselves in PP and dropping membes). so nag declare ng war ang WMD with the cop. afterwards, GOD declares a war on them.

    pero ang WMD hindi nag attack sa cop... then before mag end ang war wtih cop, nag distribute na sila ng pera... then 75% of their gang pool was busted. GOD then wins over them in their war - pero ang nakuha lang nila is $17B.

    yung pera ng LSD na lang ang hindi ko ma trace kung saan napunta...

    ang maganda lang nito ay hindi tayo pinaginteresan ng GOD and LSD dahil sa diplomacy tactics ko. hehe. bale namangka tayo sa dalawang ilog. akala ng GOD kampi nila tayo, akala ng LSD kampi natin sila. kapag na identify kasi tayong ally ng either one of them - yabit tayo.

    GDZ naman, wala talaga daw tayong balak i-attack. nagulat na lang sila at lumusob tayo. apparently, galit pa pala ang mga ito sa atin (specifically to boybi, hehe) for breaking a no house level attacks with them. medyo nasira ulit tayo ngayon at may nag attack for levels sa last war natin sa kanila.

    bale tayo at 313 ay nag maintain lang ng positions natin. malas lang nila at nawala na yung mga trilyones nila.

    galling talaga!

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    Oct 2002
    hehehe, galit na galit talaga sa akin yang si mzprizzilla. nung gang war kasi natin 2 rounds ago pa yan. ang usapan walang tirahan sa levels, pero naka set sa attack for levels yung mga retro ng iba. sino bang nag attack for levels this round?

    buhayin ko kaya ulit si georgebush next round para makapasok ulit sa GDZ?

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    Oct 2002
    Hala ka boybi! Next round house level titirahin sayo.

    Takot pala ang GDZ sa atin? Kala ko matibay yung gang nila when they merged GDZ-PU?

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