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    Aug 2003
    believe it or not QC is also gonna implement Binay-style traffic laws. Besides the LGU's all hate the MMDA because they think the MMDA is taking powers away from them. hence the TRO on the MMDA which ruled that it doesn't have police powers.

    the LGU's believe it's an additional source of revenue.

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    Nov 2002
    orly.. ayoko din ung bagong traffic system dito sa qc.

    by the way.. nangako na dati si Binay na titigilan na nya ang pagbigay ng permit to rally sa gitna ng makati business district. pero mukhang maligalig pa rin sila mag-stage ng rally doon.

    alam ko na kung bakit laging naka plain white t-shirt si manong binay.. mascomportable kasi un pag nagrarally, hindi mainit!

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    Jun 2005
    binay is a traditional more no less...

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    Jan 2005
    gademmet. now i know how dense binay is. what an airhead.

    somebody shoot him.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by orly_andico
    the point that i'm trying to make (not that i'm a binay supporter, but i live in makati..) is that binay is JUSTIFIABLY popular (and populist). unlike, say, erap.

    if i didn't already have HMO coverage, i would definitely get a yellow card. nakakatulong din yun on top of philhealth. ironically, this is part of the reason why Makati Med has fallen on hard times-- the "rich" and wanna-be rich don't want go to MMC anymore kasi makakatabi nila ang mga squatter na taga-Tembo. kaya sa St Lukes or Asian Hospital nalang sila.

    but only a truly hard-assed rich person would deny that having access to good health care is good for the poor.
    I was referring to the topic at hand. I suggest you do too. If you like, why dont you start a thread on the benefits of being under Binay.

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    Aug 2003
    actually, the reason for binay's stunts are many-fold:

    1) as a previous poster said, they can't hakot-rally at EDSA anymore, whilst binay has control of makati and can issue permits whenever he likes

    2) (very important) binay is a strong-arm ward politician. pleases like the -embo's, and the squatter area in san antonio village, hawak niya yan. no need for him to truck in squatters from Agham Road in front of pisay.. (like erap's boys did) kasi meron na siyang supply in his own backyard

    3) (also important) binay sees himself as a "champion of the poor" and has a well-documented dislike/aversion to the "rich makati business club types" explemplified by the ayalas

    so all those given together.. it's not surprising that he'd spout any lie to justify the stuff he's pulling off.

    sorry about the OT.. pero di lang naman ako ang OT eh hehehehe..

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    Oct 2002
    yeah, but you quoted a well respected tsikot moderator who did nothing but reply to a specified topic and used it in a totally off-topic, therefore irrelevant post.

    I guess you picked the wrong guy to quote.

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    Mar 2005
    the rich & elite of Makati appeases the well-off people of Makati, Binay appeases the poor and marginalized people of makati. it's all part of the game. There is balance.

    The powers that be still find Binay useful that's why he still stays in power there.

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by x-wind
    in fairness napakinabangan ng simbahan ng bauan, batangas si mayor nag donate sya ng wall fan with sticker ng makati mga less than 100 pcs cguro un sa loob ng simbahan. taga bauan yan dati.
    hehehe... umabot na hanggang batangas ang tax collected from makati.
    imho. Baka naman nakainom lang si Binay nang sinabi nya his rally do not disrupt business in Makati.

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Binay: Rallies not disruptive to Makati business