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    Oct 2002
    i'm the missing link between man and ape j/k
    got it from the movie Encino Man (Brendan Fraser), yun binigay pangalan sa kanya.

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    Sep 2007
    mazingerZ - ka berks ni Daimos, Voltes V na mecha. Era namin before makoy banned anime coz of too much violence daw. . .

  3. #233
    my previous car model: Toyota Corolla 1.8XLi

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    Jul 2006
    MBeige dapat I forgot to capitalize the M and B. Stands for Manila Beige, color of my car. Capital M and B for Mercedes-Benz

    Avatar shows one of my favorite shots of the hood showing the manila beige color nicely.

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    Feb 2007
    I have a GF who loves the way I french kiss her. In fact, she calls me french as her pet name. When she discovered my private tower, she loved me even more. Ngayon mag-asawa na kami. Since then I use frenchtower as my online handle.

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    Sep 2004
    Username: i used to fly av8or = aviator; 5 is is my favorite number.

    avatar: i like go carts...

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    Dec 2003
    dati MUGEN kasi i started with honda cars siyempre yung mods ng honda should be mugen. tagal ko din ginamit yung handle na ito hanggang sa nag pabago bago ng mga sasakyan na naging inappropriate na gamitin. I hate to change my handle but i just want it to be plain and simple..

    kaya lang nung mag chachange na ko ng handle to my real name taken na raw... so naisip ko tutal kalbo naman ako and pangalan ko karl. pinagsama ko nalang kaya naging KARLBO

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    Apr 2007
    actually wala talaga ako maisip nun..e nung nagreregister ako dito katabi ko nanonood ng tv mga anak ko..hilig nila sponge bob ang simpsons...kahit mga teenagers na..kaya ayun..naisip ko sponge_simpsons...spongee ang nick..wala lang

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    Jul 2006
    hmmnnnnnn.... medyo mahirap user name ko. nyahahaha

    Lex is my name. Terrence naman anak ko. pinagsama ko na lang. kaya LexTer. :D

    signature ko? shop ko po yan. pagawa kayo. hehehe
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    Jan 2005
    :drive1: From 2003-2004, I designed and built an original ride - a pinoy Family Utility Vehicle (FUV) -
    which I envisioned to be a style evolution of the PUJ and Owner Type Jeep. I thought of naming it JEEPROX (from the Juan de La Cruz Band's history-making OPM, "Laki sa Layaw - Jeprox", composed by Mike Hanopol), but I was warned not to incorporate the name "JEEP" because that trademark belonged to Chrysler.

    Not knowing any better, I began toying with alternative names and acronyms until I settled for this:
    [SIZE="3"]D[/SIZE]isenyo [SIZE="3"]P[/SIZE]ilipino [SIZE="3"]R[/SIZE]urban [SIZE="3"]O[/SIZE]verland [SIZE="3"]X[/SIZE]cursion vehicle
    My ride's nickname is "Chokaran" (Chok for short), a Pinoy slang term meaning
    "friend" or "good buddy".

    I just discovered I have two tocayos on the web.
    One is German. The other is Amerikaner.
    Achtung! Attention! They are not me.[/SIZE]
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    [SIZE="1"]DESIGN is the missing link in the Philippine auto industry.[/SIZE]

Ano ibig sabihin ng username mo?