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  1. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    username-I heard it before pa nun bata pa ako, code ng cousin ko sa radio dati..gaya ginaya ko lang...
    avatar-spark plugs, car theme lang kasi car related itong board....
    signature-under de saya kasi ako who happens to love fishing....hehehehe

  2. Join Date
    Nov 2006
    df (given name initials) c (middle initial) santos (family name)
    avatar (Tsikot Avanza sticker at the rear window of my car)

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    Jan 2007
    Charlie Brown - kasi fave ko sya nung bata pa ako. naalala ko, nagpapa-bili pa ako ng betamax movies sa papa ko nung nag-work pa sya sa abroad.

    Avatar - drummer wannabe po kasi ako.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by claRkEnt View Post
    Username - my real name and surname (into one)
    Avatar - a big fan of superman (my sons are named Roger Clark and Roger Kent)
    Signature - i do not hide my feelings towards the fake president!

    Bro,- since nagpalit ka na ng username at signature through tsikot's amnesty program (avatar is practically the same as before....), you have to explain again.....

    Hehehe.... same is true for bro. rr (now Sarsi), if he has a previous entry here.... (and of course bro. mugen (now karlbo) and other tsikoteers who have availed of this amnesty program....)


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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by mbeige View Post
    mbeige - Manila Beige is the official name for the color code of my car, an 83 300D. Dapat MBeige para halatang MB siya pero nakalimutan ko.
    may amnesty naman eh... tutal cap lang naman ang babaguhin mo

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    Nov 2006
    simplicity - gusto ko mga simpleng bagay bagay lang. simpleng porma, simpleng diskarte.
    avatar - ewan ko ba, timing na nakasabay ko sa erport si angel eh.

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    Jul 2003
    ayaw ko tong username ko eh ang pangit... gusto ko kasi sana PASSWORD pero taken na kaya kahit anu nalang hindi ko naman alam na magtatagal ako sa site na ito eh hehe...

    avatar - yan sasakyan ko ngaun.

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    Dec 2005

    CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission of our Honda Jazz which we bought just before I joined the forum.... It can also mean CaViTe, since I am also a Caviteno.

    Avatar is of course, the(/our) Philippine Flag. Chose to slug it out here in our country inspite of the various opportunities in the Land of Milk and Honey. Although, one can never tell what lies ahead....

    Signature is a picture of Peter Perfect in the Turbo Terrific of the Wacky Races. He is always coming in the aid of Penelope Pitstop in her Compact Pussycat. The picture comes with a notation, "Member: Alabang Tsikoteers".....

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    Sep 2004
    Galactus - obviously named after the Marvel character, the planet-devourer, omniscient,
    omnipresent, omnipowerful being. Mahilig kasi akong magbasa ng Marvel at
    DC comics nung bata pa ako. Favorite ko kasi ang FF nun.
    Avatar - kami ni misis yun, pero ako yung binubugbog nya, hehehe.
    Sig - German phrase, slogan ng Nazi Party, medyo dinagdagan ko lang ng konti.
    Nahilig din kasi ako magbasa ng military history, esp. WW2, and German military
    tactics. Frustrated soldier kasi ako, hindi nakayanan ang pahirap sa PMA kaya

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    Nov 2005
    My crosswind xto is the reason why I joined tsikot.. it was also my first time to have a diesel ride and our first family car bought solely by my wife and i.
    Signature: am so patriotic then….
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