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    Oct 2002
    Z dahil oo. hehehehe hard to explain. baka makalimutan ko lang while typing

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    Oct 2002
    Langya pano ako!!! :oops:

    Well it really started as Kupradoo w/c means pinagandang "KUPAL" na term naming magpipinsan pag may nakikitang mga kupal sa daan. (Sorry for the teminology) We used to say it para di naman masagwang pakinggan. Well di naman ibig sabihin e ganun ako sa daan :lol: Kaya I opted to change it to Kupaloids w/c started sa

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    Oct 2002
    yamyam = delicious :P

    need i say more? :wink:

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    Oct 2002
    hahahaha...... daming pinagdaanan ng handle ko, noh??? LOL

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    Oct 2002

    i'm known as totoy to relatives.

    "papa" is what me and my high school barkada call each other.

    [size=24]BUT I'M NOT GAY!!![/size]

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    Oct 2002
    ikaw ha papi , papa rin pala tawagan ninyo.

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    Oct 2002
    logbook....where do i start....

    back in college i was part of the ateneo rifle and pistol team, and sa tambayan namin (our shooting range) merong "logbook" to write anything and everything about life, shooting or kung anuman. a friend of mine wrote some ramblings about this girl he met...addressing the logbook (ie. dear logbook....)

    so shempre, gago din ako, sinagot ko yung mga "hinanakit" nya sa buhay as the manifestation of the logbook. sunod-sunod ang mga hiritan namin dun....i was addressing him using his alter-ego....and he was addressing me as logbook.

    pagdating sa network games and forums....wla akong maisip na handle so eto na lang gamit ko...hehehe. (haba ng kwento no? hehehehe)

    itchy, o ayan alam mo na rin kwento behind my handle... :D

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    Oct 2002
    H-Boy... started way back in highschool where my friends call me HBOY kasi last name ko starts with H.

    but when i started on forums like this ( actually - old bullboard pa).. my nickname was WAKARANAI (japanese for i dont understand).. kasi wala pa akong alam sa kotse nun...

    then i changed it to H-Boy when i got to know my car which was a honda.... hehee

    now i use Hboy for all my car boards... except for MBCP where i have HBOY and REDBARONPH123

    REDBARONPH123 - naman is because my MB is red, baron is an english title (i name our MB's with english titles, our first one was named DUKE) and PH is because i'm from Philippines and 123 is because my MB is a w123 model.

    whew!... haba rin....:mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    used to call my officemates chief kaya tinawag nila akong chief hanggang sa naging chieffy

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    Oct 2002
    chieffy kaw ba yan? The guy from Caltex?

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