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    Prosecutor dismisses criminal raps vs Jaworski sons, foes

    By Luige del Puerto
    Inquirer News Service

    Taken from

    THE VERY rich are different from you and me, F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote.

    Yes, fellow American writer Ernest Hemingway supposedly retorted, they have more money.

    Or is it because they are untouchable?

    The Mandaluyong Prosecutor's Office has dismissed the criminal charges filed by the police in June against the scions of two wealthy families in Metro Manila, according to a resolution obtained by the Inquirer yesterday.

    Ryan Jaworski, Ron Michael Jaworski, Elton Yap, Mark Yap and several John Does were accused of turning the area behind the Saisaki Restaurant in East Greenhills, Mandaluyong City, into a virtual war zone on the evening of June 21.

    The Jaworskis are brothers to Pasig City Representative Robert "Dodot" Jaworski Jr. and sons of former senator and basketball legend Robert Jaworski.

    The Yaps belong to the family of a rich Mandaluyong businessman.

    Although police said they could not confirm it, they said they believed the shoot-out was sparked by a quarrel over uncollected bets on the results of the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals, supposedly running into thousands of pesos.

    They said they believed the Jaworskis were out to collect from Elton Yap, who allegedly owed a schoolmate money from the betting. The schoolmate supposedly had asked someone on the side of the Jaworskis for help in collecting his winnings.

    In dismissing the charges of alarm and scandal, illegal discharge of firearms and malicious mischief, Prosecutor Elenita C. Dimaguila said the police "failed to establish probable cause against the respondents."

    Loopholes in investigation

    The prosecutor, in her resolution, found several inadequacies in the police investigation.

    The police had submitted the statements of two witnesses, both employees of Saisaki Restaurant, to the prosecutor's office. But Dimaguila said the investigators failed to follow up the leads given by the witnesses.

    In their investigation, the police had concluded that the Yaps and the Jaworskis arrived at Florida Street at around 8 p.m., met in the middle of the street, and exchanged gunfire.

    The police, however, maintained they could not determine exactly who had fired the shots, and which camp had fired first.

    'Much to be desired'

    "The above conclusion of the PNP investigators regrettably does not appear to conform with the evidence on hand, particularly those coming from their informants, who were at the site when the shooting incidents happened," the prosecutor's resolution said.

    "Neither (witness) pointed to anyone of the respondents as party to the shooting incidents," the resolution added.

    The resolution said, at one point, referring to the investigation: "As it is, still much remain[s] to be desired."

    Ryan Jaworski was the only one wounded in the shoot-out. He suffered gunshot wounds in both legs and was injured in the eye by a shard of glass.

    Senior Superintendent Ericson Velasquez, Mandaluyong city police chief, declined yesterday to comment on the dismissal of the case.

    "I have yet to read the resolution. I can't comment now," he said.

    Sealed lips

    During the investigation in June, Velasquez told the Inquirer that both the Jaworskis and the Yaps had not fully cooperated with the police, hampering their efforts to dig deeper into the case.

    Police denied they were treating cases of rich and poor people differently. They said they could not do much in the Greenhills shoot-out because none of the parties believed involved had filed charges against each other.

    The resolution said valet parker Nicolas Franco had testified seeing four vehicles arrive in the area -- a red Honda CRV, a red Toyota Corolla with plate No. ULR-223, an owner-type jeep and a Nissan Patrol.

    Police said the Nissan Patrol belonged to the Jaworskis, while the Honda CRV belonged to the Yaps.

    Conflicting versions

    But Franco did not witness the actual shooting because he was then returning to his post at the entrance of the restaurant, the resolution said.

    "He, however, alleged that according to Gerry Recto (parking attendant), the protagonists in the exchange of gunfire were the passengers of the red Toyota Corolla and the passengers of the owner-type jeepney.

    "This lead, however, was not followed up by the investigators with Gerry Recto," Dimaguila said.

    Police report

    Police who investigated the shoot-out established the following:

    The two groups arrived at Florida Street in East Greenhills armed.

    Their vehicles sustained bullet holes. The Jaworskis' Nissan Patrol took the heavier fire. It had nine bullet holes, two of which were "exit holes." The Yaps' Honda CRV sustained five bullet holes.

    An exit hole could either mean somebody had fired from inside the vehicle, or somebody had fired from outside and the bullet went clean through the vehicle.

    Elton Yap had the incident registered in the blotter of the San Juan police station, before his group went to the Mandaluyong Police.

    Each side insisted it was unarmed. Police could not establish who had actually fired guns. None of the witnesses could identify who shot who, police said.

    The Inquirer obtained a copy of the police report, written by SPO2 Pablo Rojas and PO1 Hector Aspa.

    The report quoted a witness as saying that he first noticed a red Honda CRV arrive, followed by two other "backup" vehicles.

    Not long after, a Toyota Corolla parked at the back of the CLMC Building near the Saisaki Restaurant. Its three to four occupants remained inside. Two more vehicles carrying presumed companions of the occupants of the Toyota Corolla arrived.

    "Their group met the other group in the middle of the street but no conversation was heard," the report said. Suddenly, someone shouted, "Tang ina mo ah (Son of a bitch)."

    "The said words (seemed) to serve as command as successive shots were fired," the report said.

    The shoot-out reportedly lasted 10 minutes and 82 spent shells were found.

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    Feb 2004
    hay naku, classic pinoy talaga.

    why in the world would the Jaworski's not file charges when Ryan was the only one injured. That means guilty sila (unang pumutok) or binayaran na.

    Nakakahiya, Atenista pa naman yan si Dudut.

    sabi pa ni Dudut, "get a good lawyer, you will need it!"

    stir talaga. dapat, "get out your checkbook, you will need it !"

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    Apr 2004
    well, folks so ordered by court..

    pagnakaputukan ulit make sure you'll be the last guy on the frontline..

    laging handa!!

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    Feb 2004
    mag-ubusan na sana silang lahat

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    Oct 2002
    Only in the Philippines...

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anak ni Jawo, nakipagbarilan na naman.