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    Sep 2003
    i would still prefer intel CPU and intel chipset dahil stable at almost no problems at all..

    pero dahil mahal, athlon XP ang gamit ko and slightly overclocked ..

    meron nga thermal diode ang mga Athlon XP chips.. but there is loophole here, when you remove the heatsink and fan and boot-up the system, the athlon CPU will be damaged dahil hindi pa na-load ang BIOS.. well, nabasa ko lang ito sa asus website, and ASUS said that they have a protection for this on their motherboard...

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    Aug 2003
    thewildthing::Nobody has ever proposed a serious alternative to the Von Neumann architecture. These two companies are probably nearing the limits of this configuration, but is there really any other viable alternative?
    they'll come up with the meantime...

    who nows? baka ung common desktop pc, dual or quad processor na B).

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    Jun 2004
    for 32bit application AMD A64/754, for 64bit Intel..>>surebol

    ano update sa CYRIX..??..>>hehe

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    Jun 2004
    I've been an AMD user for more than 5 years now. I've been happy with it. All these talk about Athlon's "heat issues" are really nothing but a myth. It's from people who are overclocking their system or nagtitipid bumili ng fan.

    My Athlon XP 2400 runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I never turn it off. I just turn off the monitor at night or when I leave. It's because I'm always downloading something at *******. Guess what? No overheat. No errors. No problems. My cousin has an Athlon XP 1800 and he does the same thing. It's turned on 24 hours a day and he only turns off the monitor at night. No overheat problem. Our computer is heavily used everyday. We play DVDs, VCDs, TV shows from *******, MP3s, games, and errrr... office stuff.

    It's all about branding. Some people prefer to pay the extra money just to get the Intel brand.

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    Oct 2002
    same here... I used to run my PC 24/7 before I got married. Its an AMD Athlon 2100+ XP. I run games, surf the web, process pics from the digital camera, transfer video from vhs or other video sources, write to CDR, etc... No heat problems.

    I did try to overclock it but I didn't really get significant performance increase so I set it back to original setting.

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    Nov 2002
    AMD din ako.. bukas din palagi...

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    Oct 2002
    I've got a t-bird 1.2 that's run for days at a time too... no problems due to heat, course it helps that i run with my case open and slapped on a monster globalwin, plus a fast fan screwed on to the chipset heatsink

    bottom line is that heat issues for PCs can be dealt with quite easily; the heat problems, whether for intel or AMD chips, largely apply only to ignorant consumers

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    Jun 2004
    The people that complain about the heat issues are the ones that intend to overclock their CPU. Kung heat is high, their room to overclock is slim so they complain. People who hear these complaints just blow it out of proportion. There is no "heat issues". It only becomes an issue if you want to overclock your cpu.

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