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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by roninblade
    i only buy groceries sa mga 24/7 stores.
    wala akong tiwala sa servings nila.
    same here ,groceries lang din score ko (minsan yelo pag naubusan sa inuman hehehe)

    sa dami ng mga naglalabasan mga Ipis at UOd .sa mga nag post

    lalo yata ako hindi mapapabili ng mga servings food nila

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    Dec 2005
    may mga kamag-anak pala si gokongwei dito sa tsikot.

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    Jan 2003
    ....7-11 dito sa tabi ng opis namin laging walang panukli.

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    Jan 2005
    i <3 the ministop chicken. hehehe.

    bitin ako sa food sa 7-11.

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    Jan 2005
    Ok naman na sana ang ministop, sa design, approach and very appealing yung store+fastfood combo nila. But what makes me think twice though yung site ko e maraming subdivisions around, plus it's a busy highway...mababa ang foot traffic, to add to that eh yung 65:35 sharing nila sa gross...I know, it's too much

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by kimpOy
    pareng fakesaint kapag may Ministop ka na bigyan mo ako ng discount ah...
    Sure....Libre pa inaanak ko...
    Guys, may convenience store ba in your area na may katabing carwash or car exchange, do you think it's a good idea??? laki ksi ng area kung ministop or 7-11 only, it's almost 700 sq.m.....So there should be something sa tabi nya para talagang Mapa STOP ka...hehe, (Hayy...bikini carwash sana)

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    Mar 2003
    baka may tsikoteers na ministop franchisee here? newbie here less than yr palang ako, wanna know lang sino dito nagfranchise din. share naman,
    pero totoo nga yung amoy chicken, i made a plexi enclosure sa fryer para mabawasan yung amoy,

    fakesaint tinuloy mo ba franchise?

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    Dec 2005

    Bihira ko silang puntahan..... Kung may emergency need lang na mayroon sila.... O kung walang matambayan....


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    Oct 2002
    Mukhang improving naman ang 7-11 ngayon.

    How much franchise fee ng Mini-stop ngayon? Ano pa ba requirements?

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    Jul 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Mguy View Post
    Mukhang improving naman ang 7-11 ngayon.

    How much franchise fee ng Mini-stop ngayon? Ano pa ba requirements?
    to give you an idea bro.

    How to Franchise

    Send a Letter of Intent .
    If you have a proposed site, fax a vicinity map or sketch of the site with details, i.e store size, for a feasibility study.
    Email and/or Fax these documents to:
    Franchise FAQ

    Q: How much is the initial investment?
    A: The initial investment varies form Php 1,300,000 to Php 2,800,000 depending on the business package. The different business Packages are the STANDARD TYPE, STANDARD LEASE TYPE (SL), and MASTER LEASE TYPE (ML).

    Q: Who chooses the location?
    A: Ministop chooses the locations and offers them to the Business Partner according to the latterís area or residence. The Business Partner can suggest sites, but these must first undergo a feasibility study by our Store Development Division.

    Q: What is the ideal requirement of the store?
    A: Ministop works better in a 100 to 120 square meter area, given our tested functional and practical aspects of store size.

    Q: What makes a viable location?
    A: A viable location is near offices, condominiums, universities, hospitals, residential areas, and main roads with high pedestrian foot traffic and beside tricycle, jeepney, or bus terminals.

    Q: How long is the contract agreement?
    A: The contract agreement between Ministop and the business Partner is 10 years.

    Q: How long is the Return on Investment (ROI)?
    A: The ROI is dependent on the sales, location, and management of the Business Partner. Based on the experience of our existing Business Partners, the average ROI is 3 to 4 years.

    Q: What training do I receive?
    A: Ministop will provide a one-month initial training program for the Business Partner. This program includes the managerial, operational, and accounting standards of Ministop.

    Q: Who hires the store personnel?
    A: the Business Partner gets to hire his/her own store personnel, preferably people whom the Business Partner knows and trusts personally. Should there be problems in completing the standard 9-personnel team, the Business Partner can seek assistance from Ministopís Human Resource Division.


    Franchising Division
    G/F Floor CFC Commercial Building
    137 Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City
    Email: business*
    Tel: 672-0923 / 672-2279

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