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    Oct 2002
    From what I know, kabisado na sobra ang alarm system ng Pajero kaya madali lang kunin.

    I have a buddy who lost his Frontier two weeks ago to car thieves in the QC area (malapit kila Glennster). Naka park lang sa labas ng house ng friend niya. Buti nalang at insured siya.

    One of the best things to do is set aside extra PPP for insurance. It may even be better then getting a car alarm in some cases and dont leave anything valuable inside the car.

    Do those "kill switches" still work? Or do the car thieves find ways to go around it already?

    Other useful anti-theft devices would be the keys with transponder chips. Our Sentra Grandeur has this and it wont start with any key (kahit pareho) pag walang chip.

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    Feb 2004
    4 pajeros and 1 strada na po ang nacacarnap sa amin in 3 weeks. all plate no. W (2000) model. laging nalulusutan ang mga roving and gate guards.

    tanong ko lang po. why are these models so hot in the list of carnappers? what do you think they do with them? chop chop, dinadala sa province or what?

    curious lang po ako, that they are are so bold to take the risks kahit na obvious na ina abangan na sila? last night they were almost cornered but after a long chase and running gunbattle around the village the pajero was able to ram out a closed steel gate, which flew about 6 meters and hit a passing vehicle and injured a passenger. the pajero was later found abandoned in talon, las pinas.

    ang lakas ng loob, magaling mag drive, kabisado ang lugar, may escape plan and route.

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    Oct 2002
    Most likely kinakahoy mga pyesa ng pajero for the Converted units sa subic

    kaya ako duda talaga ako sa Code alarm yung factory installed alarm ng pajero sa dami ng nacacarnap na ganyan.

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    Jun 2005
    Noong una gumawa ako ng kill switch na nakalagay sa clutch. so kinabukasan ng umaga pinaandar ko, umandar naman...I forgot na pag inapakan ko pala clutch eh mamamatay ang sasakyan ko.

    Nirevise ko pag-uwi ang linya. Nilagay ko naman sa preno. Problem is kailangan nakapreno ka para continuously nakasindi ang car.

    Nirevise ko naman kinabukasan. Nilagay ko sa door. I forgot na naman na nung testing ko eh open pala ang door. The next day, hindi na naman ako makalabas ng garahe coz dapat open ang door before ko masindihan ang car.

    Finally, na discover ko na pwede nga sa door. you just have to remove yung light mo sa ceiling coz interrelated pala ang door switch at ang mga ceiling lights. Procedure: Go inside the vehicle and close all doors. turn on the ceiling light without the bulb in it and then off you go!!!

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    Feb 2003
    Guys, nowadays lets maximize our technology to prevent carnapping incident. One of my customer is a manufacturer of GSM security for automotive application. Kung alam nyo yung TracMe at Gotcha, this is similar to them wala nga lang tracking feature kasi walang GPS (Global Positioning System). But the features like alarm reporting, engine immobilizer, doorlock, illegal entry sensor all thru SMS. The device from these companies cost from P18k-35k depending on the plan you get from them. Plus may subscription pa on the actual tracking of your car. That's around 650/mo on top of the device cost.

    But on my friend, his unit cost P15k + P1k for the installation + 500 pesos (w/in MMla) if you want your car to be installed at your place. No maintenance kasi you can actually use a prepaid SIM from any Telco and enroll it on their person finder/locator system. May check balance feature yung firmware ny dun sa GSM. I know these companies since we supply GSM/GPS parts to these cos including my friend's co. Mas practical to buy yung mga GSM security w/o GPS lalo na reporting via sms ang habol natin sa ganitong feature. Madami-dami na din clang nakabitan and most of them talagang humanga sa features. Para kang may bantay 24/7 just make sure may load yung SIM sa device. Actually kahit zero load, you can still use the security feature yun lang di makapagrereport kasi d sya makasend ng SMS.

    If anyone is interested, pls. send me a PM and give me your email to send you a brochure of the product.

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    Aug 2005
    Be wary of information that may be divulged here regarding car security. This might give prospective thieves an idea how they may easily get access to our own vehicles.

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    Apr 2004
    i wrote a story like that for my publication a couple of years ago. the disturbing thing is this, the statistic is about the same then as it is now. it has never changed!!. which only means that through the years, Quezon City police HAVE NOT done anything about the problem. im inclined to think they might be in cahoots somehow.

    i only asked the chief of the QC police carnapping section why the Timong/Tomas Morato area is prone to carnapping. (background: Quezon City ranks number one consistently among all cities and municipalities in Metro Manila in number of cars stolen. Eighty percent (80%) of the cars stolen in QC are reported in the Timog/Tomas Morato area)

    1. there are a lot of restos and bars in the area, so there is a concentration of "targets." the quality of these targets is also undeniable i.e. magagara ang mga kotse dito. plus you also have the swanky girlie bars patronized by your favorite congressmen and police generals hehehe

    2. there are also not enough spaces to park in this area, e marami nang kotse. so the tendency is to park at a distance or far from the establishment you are going to. that parking space is most likely dimly lit and not well-guarded.

    then what you have is the perfect spot for carjackers.

    so guys, be careful when you park here.

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2 cars stolen every 5 days sa QC