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    Jul 2006
    1994 model year dapat letter before number na yan. Instead of 220E dapat E220, pareho yan with 1995.

    US models are 260E 300E 400E 500E until 1993. 1994-1995 naging E320 E420 pero meron 1993 na 300E 2.8 m104 engine nakakalito talaga ang Mercedes maniwala ka. Takes a while to absorb all these differences.

    Kung titignan mo yung sasakyan, make sure the VIN on the firewall, on the radiator tag, on the dashboard and driver door jamb are all the same. VIN on all body panels dapat match din but not as important as VIN on the chassis frame itself. Cross reference the VIN on the Russian VIN Decoder, check that the engine code matches the designation and engine (isang balik na naman ito to inspect). Usually, E220/E200/200E/220E have smaller engine, longer fan shroud and smaller air cleaner box due to it being a 4-cylinder model. 260E/300E/280E have inline 6 naman, larger components compared to 4-banger model. Or better yet take a really good image of the engine tapos post mo dito.

    My best suggestion is have a trustworthy mechanic who knows MB's inspect the car (prepurchase inspection) tapos go through it one by one.

    Good luck sana good deal ito

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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by afrasay View Post
    Don't believe what's in the LTO registration. Yun sakin 220E pero 230E sa rehistro.
    You're not alone:

    My 450SLC was and still is a 4 cylinder on LTO records... in reality V-8 yun..!!!


    My 124-300E is a 1980 model???.... (1988 yun eh)

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    Oct 2002
    *low... baka isang side lang ng makina nakita nila kaya 4cyl lang yung 450SL mo.. hahaha...:D

    yeah.. dont believe what's written on LTO records.. yung 300TD ko dati.. 4 CYL diesel lang eh.. hahaha..

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What do you think of the 1994 MB E220 - W124?