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    Aug 2005

    Fort Minor - Remember the Name

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    May 2007
    Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) - A Flock Of Seagulls

    Living A Boy's Adventure Tale - Aha

    80s naman tayo...

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    Jul 2005

    Lighter Shade of Brown - On A Sunday Afternoon

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    Jan 2006
    My daughter got an A+ on her autobiography project...... She tried so hard on that one. Great job!

    The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

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    Jan 2006
    I liked Bad Religion's original "We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance" back in the 80's. Sublime's remake years later isn't half bad either.....

    Bad Religion:


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    Jul 2005
    [SIZE=3]three o'clock ~On Paper[/SIZE]

    So many questions have a reason
    So many reasons for what we should do
    But longer than the words you have to answer
    A contract of love is nothing new to you

    Around you baby im on fire
    Everywhere that we go
    Around you baby i desire
    All the things that we know
    It only goes to show
    That we don't have to know
    till its on paper
    till its on paper

    Now is the time for a decision
    Now is the time to decide its one or two
    But longer than the vow we'll end up breaking
    A contract of love is nothing new to you

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    Jan 2006
    Geez. It's almost dawn..... I'm off. So, oh well.

    Let The Day Begin - The Call
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    Aug 2005
    Panahon na Naman
    by Rivermaya

    May, may naririnig
    akong bagong awitin.
    at may may naririnig
    akong bagong sigaw.

    Hindi mo ba namamalayan?
    wala ka bang nararamdaman?
    Ika ng hangin na
    Humahalik sa atin:

    "panahon na naman
    ng pag-ibig.
    panahon na naman
    panahon na naman
    ng pag-ibig.
    gumising ka
    tara na."

    Masdang maigi ang mga
    mata ng bawat tao,
    nakasilip ang isang
    bagong saya
    at pag-ibig na dakilang
    matagal nang nawala,
    kumusta na?
    nariyan ka lang pala.

    ..maligayang pagbalik, pag-ibig, sa puso ng bawat tao

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    Jul 2005

    Monica ~ Before You Walk Out Of My Life

    Here we are face to face
    With the memories that can’t be erased
    Although we need each other
    Things that changed, it’s not the same

    Sometimes it makes me wonder
    Where would I be, if you hadn’t discovered
    Which I did, inside of me
    I know there was something, that we could compare

    Oh, well, I

    I never meant to cause you no pain
    I just wanna go back to being the same
    Well i, only wanna make things right
    Before you walk out of my life

    Remembering the good times
    From a portrait hung on high
    It’s filled with so much color
    And the laughter we left behind
    I made the choice and you couldn’t decide
    I made the choice, I was wrong you were right
    Deep down inside, I apologize

    Though I made plans with you
    To always have time for you
    (before you walk out of my life)
    I guess it’s true, cannot live without you
    Don’t ever go away, ooh oh yeah

    Before you walk out of my life
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    Aug 2005

    I Will Take You Forever - Jerome Sala Feat. Mabel Bacusmo

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