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    May 2005
    Got this from wikipedia:

    May 2007 press release, NBC announced that in addition to "Volume Two," there would be an additional spin-off, Heroes: Origins,[8] consisting of six stand-alone episodes (for a total of 30 episodes set in the Heroes universe). Each episode of Origins will introduce a new character; viewers will be able to select which hero will join the cast in the third season of Heroes. Origins is intended to remove the need for the long mid-season hiatus, which might cause the ratings for Heroes to falter when it returns.[9] How it will air has not yet been decided, although series creator Tim Kring has said that his intention is for Origins to air as a single block.
    I don't think I can wait that long for season 2 to start, Sept 24 is like 3 and a half months away!

    But if Origins will pushe thru, then it will be a good "dessert" during the break.

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by GlennSter View Post
    my theory is that he cant use his powers simultaneously?!?

    or..he was so overwhelmed by the exploding thing in his hand so he couldnt fly...
    seems to be that way. like what his mentor said; he pulls out his powers from his pocket. pero mukhang one at a time nga lang.

    hindi pa kaya ni Pete yung multi-tasking. maybe in the future.

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by dehadista View Post
    seems to be that way. like what his mentor said; he pulls out his powers from his pocket. pero mukhang one at a time nga lang.

    hindi pa kaya ni Pete yung multi-tasking. maybe in the future.
    kulang pa nga si peter sa control. pero hindi ko din ata nakita si sylar gumamit ng multiple powers at the same time.

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    Aug 2006
    bat ganun? sinuntok suntok pa ni peter si sylar at di pa nya pinatay by cutting his head? nag sacrifice tuloy si nathan. sa season 2 mukhang magpa-flashback muna tayo.

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    Dec 2003
    halatang pinagbigyan si sylar para mabuhay uli..pangit ng laban nila parang hindi superheroes...medyo lame IMO

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    Jan 2005
    My guess here is that Nathan let go of Peter in the air when he was about to explode. So that means that both of them survived the "BOOM". But the idea that he may have traveled in time is also intriguing.

    I am also disappointed in the final fight between Peter and Sylar. Their fight in the future was much much more exciting with both of them glowing with different powers and waiting to blast each other out. In the final episode, instead of using the different powers that he absorbed, Peter decided to punch Sylar. Very lame.

    But I still loved it.

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    Feb 2004
    yes the face off of sylar and peter was a dissappointment, kala ko they will use each other's powers. It is already confirmed that peter, claire, nathan and hiro are going to be in the next season and I read somewhere that simone deveaoux will be a vilain. And when molly said about someone who is alot worst than sylar and when she thinks about him, he will see her.. sino kaya ito?

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    Dec 2005
    next season is all about the past ba? the drawing of peter flying with wings, is that the one before he exploded? hinintay ko din makita yun eh hehe and after seeing NY not exploding this means hindi lahat ng drawing ni isaac ay totoo?

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    Feb 2004
    nope, kasi si ando hindi din namatay, as long as it can be change pedeng hindi mangyari...

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    Oct 2002
    the future is NOT written is stone or in this case... canvas,

    the season finale is ho-hum imho... saka if claire shoots peter he will just regenerate and still "glow" he will just cough up the bullet just like claire did in "company man"

    and to much comics adaptation ...silver gooey stuff=symbiote, protagonist dying=supes,

    peter should've slice slyar's brain tsk tsk... btw buti pa si sylar he can use his powers simultaneously

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