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    Feb 2005
    got this pic from pinoyexchange....kwela!

  2. FrankDrebin Guest
    Hehehe. Napakinggan ko na yung album bng OnL. Ok lang at maganda siya. But it is like listening a Best of New Wave CD with Tagalog lyrics. Actually mukhang familiar talaga yung ibang intro ng mga songs nila. Parang New Wave talaga. Ewan! Sayang lang ang talent nila kung puro rip-off lang. I hope some of you who've listened to their CD have the same observation like mine.

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    Apr 2004

    i also have that CD. yung intro ng first cut ata yun intro ng the Housemartins' "Happy Hour." when i first heard it, i let it pass pa tsk tsk me bad. hehehe

    yung cueshe, i did hear reports na lumaki na nga yung mga ulo ng mga yan. and i find it impossible that they have not heard of Silverchair. e sikat na sikat dati yun. palusot lang yan!!

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    Oct 2005
    both songs ware played together in one of the radio station here in the city...hehhehe i was so shock of similarity...parang ngang duet eh... we are really RP(republic of pirate)...

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    Dec 2003
    ABS FM stations keep playing PBB theme while rival FM stations keep playing Chandeliers LOL

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    Aug 2003
    ok! i get it at last - pbb is pinoy big brother pala. waahahahah. *toink* how 5t00p1d of me.

    edit: just goes to show how out of touch i am with the local tv and music scene.
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    Oct 2005
    another funny thing to note...
    here's an album of the care. It's a compilation of the group's singles, plus B-sides, 12in mixes and unreleased tracks...Including Chandeliers.
    Ironically named 'Diamonds and Emeralds.' I'm not saying they copied the band's name from the album title. I just found it funny.

    And as for Cueshe..The song 'stay' ripped of not only silverchair's 'the greatest view' (which came from their last, and imho their best album) but also simple plan's 'perfect.' The first i heard the intro to 'stay' in some mall i thought, 'oh simple plan sounds terrible in this version and then he sang...What the f^$k?!?!

    Masyado nang maraming pirates sa pilipinas. Everything from dee-bee-dee, bee-see-dee, tv shows, music, clothes, pina-pirate. RP=Repulic of the Pirates.

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    Oct 2002
    got this from a.i.

    Mga Peeps,
    Ito ung line-up,
    wala pa ung session road, to follow na lang.

    paki kalat na lang ng link para marinig ng buong mundo!

    Cueshe Feat. Hoobastank - Sorry

    Cueshe Feat. Silverchair and Simple Plan - Stay

    Orange And Lemons Feat. Eheads & WencyCornejo with Jet Pangan - Hanggang Kailan

    Orange and Lemons Feat. The Care - Pinoy Ako
    yung "hanggang ngayon" medyo malayo e. . pero yung sa cueshe songs sobrang nakakatawa
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    May 2005
    I think I saw them sa tv patrol a week or 2 weeks ago. From what I can remember they never claimed na yung kanta nila ay purely sila may gawa, parang lumalabas medyo ginaya nila yung tono, something like that. May 7 notes rule silang cinite before a song is considered to be plagiarized. Siempre naman kung plagiarized yun katakut takut na lawsuits ang mangyayari niyan. Besides I heard the chandeliers version, i seem to like OnL's "improved" pinoy version. Kesa naman sa mga ibang pinoy artists who just seems to rehash every classic song of the 80's and 90's. Para bang naubusan ng creativity sa katawan, or yung mga kantang wala naman katututran tulad ng "Mang Jose" ng Parokya.

    I must admit i enjoyed OnL's brand of music when i first heard them last year, ika nga "before they were famous". Heck I even have a "pirated" copy of their first album.

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    Oct 2004
    yung "hanggang ngayon" medyo malayo e. . pero yung sa cueshe songs sobrang nakakatawa[/QUOTE]

    wow. labo nung Orange and lemons feat. Eheads/Jet Pangan and Wency. anlalayo naman ng mga songs. nagsayang lang ng oras ang nagmix nito a.

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Pinoy Big Brother Theme a rip-off from The Cares?