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    Sep 2003
    Kris is going 39 y.o. this Feb 14, while James will be 28 y.o. this Feb 15. barely 2 years lang yung marriage. If you married an older woman whose been used by other men, who is vastly richer than you and likes to control your social life, would you be happy?
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    Nov 2002
    if you notice sa mga reports si kris lang ang trying to save the marriage. si james ya hindi. kaya ikaw Kris kung mahal mo talaga let him go and let him be happy.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Kris is going 39 y.o. this Feb 14, while James will be 28 y.o. this Feb 15. barely 2 years lang yung marriage. If you married an older woman whose been used by other men, who is vastly richer than you and likes to control your social life, would you be happy?
    Add to that her priorities are leaning towards her showbiz career, her special kid and Noynoy's political race for the presidential seat. James seems to be far below her priorities.

    A guy would always want some "love and attention" from his life partner. If not, given he is only 28 years old, he is going to find it elsewhere either consciously or unconsciously. I can hardly blame him.

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    Aug 2005
    Bottom line...*** performance....Shut up Boy Abunda!!! wala kang karapatan sa mga ganitong topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Funny about Filipinos... they want a "change" and the only ways they can think of to enact that "change" are electing the relatives of a martyr or putting an action star in the Palace.... instead of taking the time to find out who's really best suited for the job.
    At this point...I am up for voting some poor smuck from the slums with the welfare and well being of the Filipino people in his/her mind. It is also easier to monitor if he/she turned corrupt.

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    Oct 2006
    as expected yung kinalabasan ng show kanina. classic kris and boy :rofl:
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Feb 2007
    Umm.. am I missing something coz I know Kris did not rage outside the house of Mayen. A tsismosong neighbor nila told me. hehe. But she did go there.

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    Aug 2005
    If they want this to be a private matter...Huwag sila mag iskandalo sa PUBLIKO!!! mga putong inamoy nyo!

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    Nov 2005
    space... the final frontier


    Kris asks James for 'space'
    MANILA, Philippines - Actress-television host Kris Aquino is moving out of the home she shares with husband and basketball star James Yap amid a controversy over a recent encounter with a rumored girlfriend of the latter.

    Aquino said she and her two sons, Joshua and Baby James, will be staying with her elder sister Pinky for the meantime.

    But she clarified she and Yap have not formally split up, and that they are just taking some time off to sort out their problems.

    "I'm not saying that the marriage is over. In my heart, gusto ko the marriage to work for our kids. I'm not putting a period, I'm not saying this is the end of the road. I'm hoping and praying maayos namin lahat pero kailangan ko rin ng space," she told co-host Boy Abunda at The Buzz.

    Aquino also said she still loves Yap no matter how rocky their marriage has been.

    "I love him and he knows I still love him. I've never given him any reason to doubt my fidelity. I just want the same thing in return," she said.

    "Hindi naman puwedeng ako lang ang nagmamahal… Ako lang umiintindi. It takes two for this marriage to work. I want him to make me feel I'm really (his) wife, that (he's) a responsible husband and a loving father and that this marriage has a future."

    Recent reports came out that Aquino confronted and shouted insults at Mayen Austria, a female fan of Yap, who plays for the Purefoods TJ Giants. Aquino claimed the girl has been calling and sending her husband gifts.

    A witness said the actress showed up at the residence of the Austrias in Valle Verde in Pasig City, and swore at Mayen and her mother.

    Aquino had denied this.


    In the interview with The Buzz, Aquino recounted what happened during the day of her encounter with Austria.

    She said she was having lunch with Yap in their home when Yap's phone rang.

    "When he answered, I heard a girl crying. I could hear their conversation because it was quiet in the house. Sinasabi noong girl, ginawa ko naman lahat... then James answered na kung ayaw sa ‘yo, 'wag mo pagpilitan ang sarili mo," Aquino narrated.

    She said she asked Yap who called and he told her that it was Austria.

    "Sabi ni James nagsabi sa kanya na iniwan daw ng isang guy and 'di alam ang gagawin. I asked him kung kilala niya iyong guy, he said no. So nagtaka ako, I said bakit ikaw ang iniiyakan?"

    "I pointed out to James it was not proper. Baka she (Austria) was under the illusion that I'm not real, that I'm just a TV personality. So gusto ko puntahan para pakita na flesh and blood ako… tao ako... at misis ako," Aquino added.

    And so she said she went to see Austria, who live two streets away from their house.

    She said she rang the doorbell and Austria's mom came out.

    "I said ma'am, I wanted to let you know, your daughter has been calling my husband and I'm not comfortable about it," she said.

    "Never ako nagmura, never nanlait. Pinaramdam ko lang ang aking displeasure, siyempre asawa ako," said Aquino.


    After narrating the incident, Aquino took the opportunity to apologize to Austria's mother.

    "Mrs. Austria, on behalf of my family, hindi naman nga po kayo ang nanggulo sa asawa ko, kaya humihingi ako ng tawad sa inyo, pati kayo nadamay dito.

    "Hindi ko gustong saktan kayo, ang kagalit ko po ay iyong anak niyo."

    Aquino reiterated that her conversation with Austria's mom was "very calm the whole time."

    She said it was just unfortunate that the incident has been blown out of proportion and turned into a major issue where her brother, presidential aspirant Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, was dragged into.

    "Sana po klaro sa inyong lahat. Hindi po kami nagpa-interview at nag-text tungkol dito. Pamilya nila. Napilitan lang akong magsalita dahil dinamay na ang kapatid ko."

    Not a political issue

    Aquino went on to defend her brother Noynoy on air even if she had been ordered by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.'s management to refrain from talking about the presidential candidate during her entertainment shows to avoid being accused of bias.

    She said she got offended that her brother was being "politically attacked" and dragged into the issue.

    "’Yong sinasabi nilang karapat-dapat ba sila sa Malacañang? 'Di naman ako ang binoboto n’yo, si Noynoy. Noong 'di approve si Noynoy sa way of life ko, 'di niya ko kinunsinti. He is of good moral character," she said.

    Aquino said her brother has been counseling her and James on their marital problems.

    "’Noy has been trying to help salvage our marriage," she said.

    The love-hate relationship of Aquino and Yap has always made headlines.

    In 2007, they went through serious arguments after Yap was rumored to have had a romantic affair with Hope Centeno, one of the receptionists at the Belo Medical Clinic then. Yap denied the rumors.

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    Oct 2002
    Jeez, she could've just apologized privately to the concerned parties.

    It's interesting how a lot of columnists try to justify or defend Kris Aquino's actions, even if they are patently on the wrong side of propriety.

    Take this article for example:


    By Dolly Anne Carvajal
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 17:57:00 01/17/2010

    Not Always Right But Always Real

    Filed Under: Celebrities, Family, Television

    Close this By the time this column comes out, the media frenzy about Kris Aquino and James Yap’s latest marital squabble must already be full-blown. The political rivals of Kris’ brother, Noynoy, will milk the issue for all it’s worth while Kris’camp will exhaust every means of damage control.

    Kris knows the danger of getting too close to a married man because she fell for two (Phillip Salvador and Joey Marquez), many controversies ago. That’s probably why she confronted James’ fan/friend, Mayen Austria. As a wife, Kris has every right to do what she did.

    Mayen’s version of the story is that Kris hurled invectives at her and badmouthed her mother. On the other hand, Kris insists that she wasn’t combative at all.

    It’s easy to pass judgment on Kris because we all have pre-conceived notions of her based on how she handles herself and her guests on TV. But that would be unfair. As one naughty gay puts it, “Nakilala si Kris bilang taklesa sa TV. Lalo na kaya sa totoong buhay? Sabi niya sa media statement niya never siya nag-cause ng commotion? Eh ’di ba pinagsigawan nya on national TV na nagka-STD siya dahil kay Joey Marquez?”

    Be that as it may, let’s give Kris a break. She still hasn’t fully recovered from the death of her mom Cory, so she’s still too emotionally drained to deal with marital woes. Once upon a time, I was close to Kris because she was an “anak-anakan” of my mom and she’s the ninang of my son IC.

    That’s why every time she’s embroiled in a scandal, I can’t help but look back and remember how simple she was and how uncomplicated her life was when she made her first TV appearance as a guest in my mom’s show “See-True” a few hours after her own mom became President.

    Even back then, Kris was already spunky and feisty. That same spunk will see her through this tumultuous episode of her colorful life. Kris may not always be right, but she’s always real. The wife in her may have lost some pride by confronting Mayen, but she hasn’t lost hope that all will be well in the domestic front. Just as her late great mom would want it to be.

    What the heck, showbiz people always protect their own.
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