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    Sep 2006
    uy sali ako dito....sorry tagal ko d na visit tong thread na to...medyo busy kase e....let me know kung ano plano....set tyo ng eb ...txt me 09178126975

    2.) Patrick T. (pjut)
    3.) jgkagaoan

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    May 2007
    I also own 2005 2.3L mazda tribute changed my tires to 20's.. Just want to ask if some one wants to sell their stock mags and tires? im willing to purchase one coz i traded my stock rims and tires when i bought my 20's.. You can txt me at 09209005034.. thanks

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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by drewverde View Post
    IMHO... dont believe everything you see on the net... i think its just a matter of changing the tires of the tribute generally maingay talaga yung fitted stock tires ng tribute... i think mags/tire upgrade na kelangan
    Been awhile since I revisited this thread.

    I have the same issue with the my Tribute tires. Am contemplating on changing it even if the tires could still last me 2 more years. I believe its the stock tires that are to blame. I have never encountered a stock Goodyear tire that did not give me the same problem; road noise, wobbling noise! All our vehicles (even sedans) that came with Goodyear tires have the same noise problem. Maybe its the reason why the local plant shut down :shutup: the local car makers finally realized this issue...

    A tire dealer told me that most tires for this type of vehicle have aggressive design (for off-roads) that's why its noisy. But I dont go to dirt roads often and if I do, I make sure a sedan can pass thru those roads too else we'd have to bring a 4x4. He however recommended a certain Michellin model which he says is quiet.

    Maybe when i really cant stand the road noise anymore :giveup: I will change my tires

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    Jul 2009
    ang pangit naman na name tag nya na TRIBUTE nho. prang namaalam na... walang pinagkaiba sa cadillac namin na pang punebre!!!! sana palitan nila ng name.....

    promise talagang pangit.. malas in short.. marami bang chinese ang bumili nito???

    ni hao!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe may the force be with you guys!!!!!!!!!

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    Dec 2007
    Hi I am a newbie to this forum and I am glad to see a lot of mazda tribute owners here I own a 2005 2.3 model and so far have clocked in 75,000 kms to it. I am so pleased with the performance of the tribute and had only minor issues with it so far....until I had a problem with my aircon unit.
    When it suddenly became warm and no cold air coming out.
    I had it checked at Denso QC ave and was told that I need to replace the evaporator due to a leak. They replaced a new one, boy, was it labor intensive and had to pull down the dash, it got colder but is not the same as it used cant stand up to the high noon heat and was wondering what it could be? Had it checked by Denso and other reputable shops and they cant figure it out... Does the ECU needs to be reprogrammed?


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    Dec 2007
    Hi Mojojo, have you tried checking the wheel bearings? the dealer replaced mine under warranty and from then on the noise was gone

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    Sep 2005
    yeap, it could be the bearing, kasi ganun din ung ngayari sa akin eh, after the case replaced the two front bearing nawala ung ingay nya. medyo mahal nga lang, 4,100 petot each bearing.

    Sir Join din me sa Club ha Thanks

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    May 2008
    i just wanna ask if ganito din tribute nyo na after nyo gamitin sobrang init pag mag feel ka sa grill part, i mean normal lang naman ito pero sa tribute parang mas init talaga? and may amoy na kinda like na overheat/nasunog? but for me i think walang prob ito its just a characteristic sa tribute natin? thanks

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    Sep 2009
    Hi guys!

    Im new here! I'm also interested sa Tribute kaya I'm reading yung mga reviews ninyo at marami akong natutunan. Nagiisip kasi ako kung anong bibilhin kong 1st car, at Tribute is one of my top choices, rare kasi.. hehe

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    May 2005
    I will be selling our Mazda Tribute to give way to a bigger family van. Its a 2008 Mazda Tribute 2.3l color black. It has a special plate that cost 35000 as it has only two digits. Mileage is 14500 and everything is original. Letting it go for a very attractive price. Very seldom used. You may pm me or call 5148755/09228905142.

    It rides very very similar to my Escape but offers more torque. Also, the stereo control on my steering wheel gives me more class but its just that Im not too attracted to red panel gauges. Anyway, its just me

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