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    Quote Originally Posted by mbt View Post
    Number of failures per 100 cars? Is that "100 cars" referring to all vehicles? If so, I would think that the sheer number of Toyotas and other brands that sell in large volume would be at a disadvantage?
    That's failures per 100 of each brand. Although where they found 100 Saab owners, nobody knows.

    It would be nice to have information on how many of each model was in the survey. Must not have been a lot of 626s.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    the survey is more of a sampling point. out of 100

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    Kung J D Power's reliability survey medyo kapani-paniwala.

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    JD Power and Consumer Reports offer more reliable quality test results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Notice Toyota has almost double the rate of Honda and Mazda in this survey?

    Ang weird dito, 3-9 years old ang mga cars sa survey. 9 years ago, Mazda 323 at 626 pa yung mga products nila, which had some sensor and automatic transmission issues.

    Pero this is Warranty claims yata... how many cars stay in warranty for 9 years?

    Again, hindi perfect ang survey na ito, as the only cover warranty jobs, not jobs right outside the warranty period, and it doesn't specify how big or how little the problems are.

    The good part is: the huge number of cars covered (450 thousand!) helps lessen statistical errors, and if the company itself covers those warranties, then the warranty periods should be very similar.

    In other words... at the very least, Mazda is much, much better than people think.

    Well the age of the cars surveyed is about the model age that Toyota has been issuing recalls on lately. Their largest selling cars the Corolla and Camry have had extensive recalls lately.

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    di ba ang ford lynx satin a.k.a. mazda protege din to..?di kaya itong model ang kasali sa survey..? pagnagkataon i made the right choice! hehe..

    ford lynx forever! subok na matibay! subok na matatag!

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    yes, time to wait for the all new mazda3 hehehe

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    Consumer Reports is a little biased... since most of the people they survey are the same people that buy Consumer Reports. One observer pointed out that Consumer Reports' survey is fundamentally flawed, since it relies on the user's opinion of what a problem is.

    I find their articles on health and wine pretty good, though, and their on-hands assessments are generally very good. It's their famous reliability ratings that may be flawed.

    J.D. Power's instrument is also subject to user-bias since it's also a survey instrument. But at least their survey is a true random selection, unlike Consumer Reports, whose survey results come from forms clipped and mailed in from their own magazine. I.E.: if your company buys enough CRs, you can influence the results.

    There's also the question, in both surveys, as what counts as a problem. Search J.D. Powers and cupholders... very funny... it's an actual result of a J.D. Powers survey, where Mini owners rate "small cupholders" and "harsh ride" as a problem.

    One note about Warranty Direct, I made a mistake about asking how many cars can stay in warranty that long... Warranty Direct provides third-party extended warranty. Oops.

    The Warranty Direct survey only covers mechanical problems that were approved as warranty issues, which discludes problems which likely occured due to user-error, wear-and-tear or preference in ride comfort or fuel economy. And since it's a US and UK survey, the manufacturers can't hide behind ridiculous claims like they do here (Kaya po nasira ang alternator mo, nag-install ka ng bagong radio head-unit... loko! ).

    But you never know, they may be falling into the same trap JD Powers and Consumer Reports... they can only cover cars Warrantied through their third-party service... which is mostly bought by people who actually care about their cars, and probably drive very carefully.

    But still, rating high here means, at the very least, that there's a statistical possibility that Mazda really is very good.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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Mazda tops Quality Survey (well, one of them)