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    Aug 2007
    Hi guys,

    Im wondering if it is hard to sell Mazda 2nd hand vehicles.

    I know the familia seems sellable naman, but how about the 232 sedan and the powervan E2000? I cant even find anyone selling a powervan sa classified ads, kaya Im wondering if mabenta siya or talagang wala lang talaga may gusto.

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    Sep 2006

    323's are saleable naman, theyre price range is anywhere ( depending on condition like any car regardless of brand ) is around 80-125k, theyre also known as the gen 1's the boxy body type made from 1993-1996

    the van, i have no idea...

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    Oct 2002
    The Familia 323 still has a problem of being a fuel guzzler but with the current drop in world oil prices, it will not be an immediate problem. Aside from that, it's still a good car. Powerful torquey engine, spacious interior, comfortable ride, average interior and relatively good styling.

    Only it's age would be the problem, especially rust problems if the previous owner didn't take good enough care of the car.

Demand for 2nd hand Mazda cars