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    Dec 2005
    For those numerous altis and other toyota buyers, (including me) I hope that Mazda sales hit the roof so that toyota will be provided with worthy competition. I have read here that after sales service are starting to drop and factory defects have already been reported for the corolla. In my case , my 2003 altis E manual just had a starter failure which TMP is still trying to investigate.

    (Forget the Civic- I also own a honda civic vtec and I'm terribly disappointed with their after sales service. Puro palabas at porma and they shortchange the consumers with their lack of features standard to other cars)

    It is only thru a healthy competition that a product will improve as executives of these companies will try to outdo each other in selling their cars.

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    Aug 2003
    mazda 3 me (siyempre love your own). i have the 1.6V upgraded version (auto climate, mp3, amb, etc) and i am enjoying each time that i'm driving my mz3. hope nga lang tumaas ang resale value ng mazda in the future.

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Altis 1.6E 0r Mazda 3 1.6V