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    Oct 2002
    tibay nga talaga yung rona...

    well, congrats on the new ride for you and your dad

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    Jul 2004
    congrats sa new ride mo. post ka naman mini review naman ng new camry niyo!

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    Jun 2004
    Good choice.

    Since he is a Toyota user, it is safer to get another Toyota.

    If he choose another brand, two things only: he'll be impresed or worst he'll be sickened for having that automobile and regretful until he finally get rid of that car.
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    Aug 2004
    mukhang official na nga release ng Accord 3.0 sa pinas. so kmusta ang Camry 3.0? can u post actual gas mileage too.

    thanks, i bet its a sweet (comfortable) ride in our poorly paved roads!

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    Aug 2004
    IMO lang po, all are great vehicles, the accord/camry/cefiro, i like to be seen seated at the rear with a driver hehe, while the mazda 6, the sportiest looking among the 3 with strong teutonian lines, i wanna be seen driving it. Well, the accord comes close too.

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    Feb 2004
    well, i accompanied my dad to look at both v6 camry and accord. magreretire na kase sya and he wants to have a nice car.

    funny thing he likes the camry more than the accord. hehehe. he does'nt like the aero bulky styling of the accord and he's not enticed by the extra HP of the VTEC. what is it with old men? hehehe

    pero kung ako, yun accord pipiliin ko

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    Oct 2002
    cardo, talagang ganyan ang mga nagkaka edad na.

    they rather cruise than speed up.
    dad ko nga nakuntento sa diesel automatic.

    saka siyempre iba ang dating ng Camry.

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Accord 3.0/Camry 3.0/Cefiro 3.0 or Mazda6?