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    Mar 2009
    I'm a bit concerned about the older posts talking about Kumho tires exploding. Has Kumho improved its quality since? I know it's a bit unfair to point out Kumho, coz other big names like Bridgestone had their share of faulty tires that caused trouble... but just curious, specifically the racing-certified "high-end model" Ecsta SPT KU31... is this safe?

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    Mar 2009
    Currently, yang ECSTA SPT ang gamit ko. Maganda yung traction niya, and I believe that it's safe already since madami na din naman gumagamit. ;)

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    Dec 2007
    Pumutok nga yung isang Kumho namin dati, although technically it was a light truck tire used on our old Kia Pregio.

    People are satisfied with them now though, perhaps they've improved. And you really cannot discount the bang-for-the-buck factor of the Ecsta SPT, especially as tires have become more expensive (reportedly due to raw materials shortage).

    It's not just locally that they're getting kudos. They've developed a good reputation in the US as well.

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    Mar 2009
    Good to hear those reassuring feedback.

    Actually I was contemplating between these for 215/45/18, in increasing order of cost:

    Kumho ECSTA SPT (KU31)
    Dunlop LeMans LM703
    Michelin Pilot Preceda 2
    Yokohama Advan A10

    Quite frankly, past reputations aside, I think the KU31 is in a different league HIGHER than the other three if we're talking about the specific models mentioned. This is why medyo duda ako (konting konti lang naman) bakit sobrang mas mura pa rin yung Kumho, hehe.

    The only negative I've been reading about the KU31 is: mas madali daw mag-wearout, but still much longer by half the tread life of the direct competitors that cost more than 2x as much. So the math is in favor of the Kumho.

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    Mar 2010
    good day sir,
    as for me, kumho is not that reliable/ and michelin is far better than kumho...just make sure dunlop is made in japan and michelin is NOT made in china...

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    Aug 2004
    Kumho commercial van tires are infamous for their poor sidewall durability... but bear in mind... commercial van tires are often used until the tread is worn completely flat... which is often around 150,000++++ kilometers

    Just because your Japanese van tire can drive for another 100,000 kilometers beyond that despite having absolutely no tread left doesn't mean it's safe to do so... but you know how local buyers are... as long as it keeps air, who cares if your truck driver ends up in a ditch or plows into someone's house?


    Car tires on the other hand, have softer treads, which will usually wear out within 40-80,000 kilometers. I've yet to hear any negative feedback about Kumho's car and SUV tires. We're currently testing the APT Ventures on the Crosswind and the SPX on the CR-V. The APTs suck in terms of grip... but they're not any worse than the Duelers that came stock on the Crosswind, and they're much quieter and brake better.

    The SPX is categorically better than the Duelers. I don't know if they're as good as the Goodyear Wrangler HP/AWs or ADVAN STs, but I do know that they're a lot cheaper.

    Have also sampled the Kumho ECSTA SPTs on an SIR. Good grip. Don't know how good, exactly, not without a chance to push them to 100% on the track, but more than good enough for everyday spirited driving.

    Am thinking about getting a set of SPTs as everyday tires for the Lynx, but I'm still pricing it. At the very least, they'll smoothen the ride compared to my Neovas, and allow me to do burnouts again without wheelhop. (Neovas are too sticky for drag-racing!)

    Another good set of cheap performance tires are the Federal 595SS. Only problems I hear with those are poor treadwear... but hey... what do you expect with performance tires?

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Dec 2007
    If I had to choose between Kumho, Dunlop and Michelin, I'd go with Kumho no question.

    Dunlop and Michelin's local tires are disappointments. Michelin is also odd because even their non-performance tires have comparatively low treadwear (240). Maybe I tried a bad set but my Michelin Vivacys have mediocre grip and are particularly bad under braking.

    Unless Dunlop brings in their Direzza Z1 Star Spec tire here, I'm not buying.

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    Jan 2010
    The Hyundai OEM tires are Kumho. Sta Fe, Tucson ix and the Genesis if i'm not mistaken.
    I would think Hyundai would make sure the tires they include as stock on their releases would be up to par with their requirements. Can't get all those millions of dollars of research be tarnished by a sub-performing tire.

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    Apr 2007
    Yung Genesis Coupe naman naka Bridgestone Potenza. Di ko lang sure yung Genesis Sedan.

    So far.. 2.5K na yung ODO ng Tucson ko. Ok naman yung Kumho Solus ECO KL21. Maganda yung grip, quiet, comfy. Proper CUV tire.

    Ang problem ko lang parang medyo lambutin. 3 weeks palang na flat-an na ako nasa may side wall yung tama. Paano nangyari iyon

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    Jan 2008
    Just for info, one of our Kumho tires for Starex Van Model 2005 exploded after only 20,000 km, makapal pa thread. I replaced all four immediately. A friend of mine had the same experience but at only about 1,000 km. Can't risk my family. I hope they improved now. Check the Starex thread for actual cases.

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Is Kumho safe/reliable now?