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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by jcastillo932 View Post
    Hi Guys,

    Available sa akin mga Kia Pride Brand new original and OEM parts. If you're interested txt/call me at 09177448113 or PM me. baka maibigay ko sa inyo ng mas mura compare to your suking auto supplies.


    Jay C.
    sir, meron po kau un sa speedometer gauge? how much po?

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    Oct 2010
    Mga Bossing,


    Just bought used 1997 Kia Pride CD5. 3rd owner na po ako. mataas po lagi yung menor nya kahit hindi naka aircon. pina check ko po sa mekaniko, ang sabi po ay sira daw yung IDLE UP ko. pwede pa bang ma repair yun? san po nakakabili at magkano.

    Hoping for your quick reply. thank you in advnce.


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    Jan 2011
    Hi guys, I also have a Kia Pride Hatchback, i bought it second hand.. I used it when I am driving alone and in short distances. Madami na ako pinalitan: Radiator repair, Carburetor Kit, Starter, Piston Ring, installed startic switch/relay, bushing at suspensions.. mga 10k din gastos.. Pagkakapalit ng piston ring, gumanda yung tono ng makina, nawala totally yung usok na puti, at tumulin...
    My problem is, when i have not used it for 2 days, it's hard to start.. Ok ang redondo pero matagal umandar, My mechanic told me, it's my carburetor plunger.. How can I fix it? Can anyone give my advice....
    2nd question is, once I tried to drive it with 3 passengers, pagdating sa akyatin, segunda na, hirap pa din, Normal ba ito sa 1.1 engine? or mahina lang talaga makina? or should I check the pressure plate and clutch?
    please help naman jan mga kuya...

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    Jan 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by aes23 View Post
    Hi Guys, am new in this forum and i would like to seek some suggestions and recommendations regarding my 1997 kia pride GTX beta which i bought months ago. as far as the condition is concerned, i am very happy driving with this car. however, i have this delima in my a/c system, every time i turn it on it normally heat-up my engine and my temp starts to go up so quick(specially when i get stock to traffic). i just brought it to the a/c specialist but nothing seems to change... need ur advice guys...thanks...
    ................ I had encountered this kind of problem before with my friend's car. Check your Cooling Fan (secondary) the one that starts to rotate when you turn ON your A/C, (check the fuse, electrical lines or the motor of the fan itself), if the secondary fan works well, better check the main radiator if it still functions... Have a nice Kia driving day!!

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    Jun 2009
    Hi, question lang po pahelp. just bought my kia sedan lx 1995 a week ago, pina curb. tune-up ko na, ang problem now eh dba ang normal RPM eh 800~900rpm, kaso pag ganyan ung rpm at nag headlight on ako, bumamagsak sa 500 ung rpm, then pag tumapak pa ko ng clutch aun lalo bumababa ung rpm til mag off na yung makina, kaya ang ginwa kong normal rpm nya pag nkaoff ung headlight is around 1100rpm pra pag nag on ng headlight den tapak ng clutch, nsa around 700~800 lang rpm at hindi mamatayan ng makina. nga pala nung pina curb tuneup ko to, may kulang na part na hindi naikabit coz gabi na nang natapos ung tuneup en late napansin na wala palang hose at hindi naka kabit ung IDLE-UP kc pag on ng aircon aun bagsak RPM, kea nde ko muna ino-on ung aircon, i dunno if may connection ung idle-up ng aircon sa pag bagsak ng RPM pag naka on ung HEADLIGHT den tapak clutch.. hirap kc hassle sobra lagi nammtayan ng makina pag normal RPM na 800~900rpm.. hope you could help me agad sa prob ko n to. tnx alot sir! btw... if sno may klalang mod sa kiaprideclub eh pls nman laki activate ung account ko, ivan_gates*y.c email ko po.tnx uli

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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by orly_andico View Post
    KIADOHC on the protege tech philippines forum sells Mazda engines for the Kia Pride. they are drop-in replacements. around 20k siguro yung mga B6 na engine (1.6L DOHC or SOHC).

    jtdc, regarding 6km/L on a Kia Pride: holy crap! 6.5km/L on my used Mazda 626 (which I think is already poor because i suspect it needs new O2 sensor, etc). maybe mali ang calculations mo regarding the mileage..
    saan po pde mag papalit ng 1.6L mazda DOHC engines for kia pride xD hahaha newbie ))

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    Feb 2011
    Patulong naman po kung may mod sa kia pride club. di pa po activated account ko. atreidesx69 po ang account name. will be buying a pride cd5 in a couple of days. thank you.

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    Dec 2007
    mga sir san ba ako makakabili ng murang kia pride?

    budget is 50k

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    Jun 2008
    you could also try to visit this .. another site specifically for kia owners....

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    Mar 2011

    can you activate my account sa kia forum?

    handle is:

    am an owner of a 92 kia pride cd5


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