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    Jul 2006
    guys, opinions pls... tnx

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    Oct 2002
    Generally no because typical owners of this class of vehicles would not maintain their vehicles properly. The exception would be if you know the owner and how well they do their periodic maintenance of the vehicle.

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    Dec 2003
    depends on the price, if dirt cheap price then pwede pa since pride spare parts are cheap cheap cheap and cheap

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    Oct 2005
    agree with ghosthunter... that's the reason its so nice to buy old executive class sedans like Altima, Corona, 626 na 1st owned... may mga pang-maintain may-ari.

    as with the Kia...pwedeng meron din alaga... but see for yourself sa kalsada sa mga old Kias.

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    Jan 2005
    for this type of car nasa 70k-90k ang budget mo, look around bka makatisod ng 90 mdl corolla or mitsu lancer singkit @ the same price..dun ka na...

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    Dec 2002
    unless the price is really low and its in good condition, go for it but if not your better off with a toyota for cheaper parts
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    Oct 2002
    The Pride GTX's are nice. Even rode a GTX Taxi in Baguio. All power na siya. Alagang-alaga ni manong driver kasi family car din nila.

    You can always buy dirt cheap Kia Prides with good bodies and just restore the mechanicals as parts are cheap. Labors costs are generally cheap also owing to the simplistic construction of the Pride.

    Or pwede ka naman magtiyaga mag-intay baka maka-tiyempo ka ng magandang specimen.
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    Nov 2005
    My uncle's friend, who is a seaman who needed money was selling his Kia Pride hatchback to me for 60K. He guaranteed me that the engine was good, and even showed me his certificate in mechanic school. I took his word, but not his car. heheh, I needed a REAL car. Good thing i didnt get that, because we're now looking to get rid of our 92 Sentra n get a crosswind.. we need more space.

    Good buy though, Kia's are great, and you get great mileage with it, and u can parallel park pretty much anywhere, and lots of ppl are fixing up their Pride's because after buying it, you have extra money left over to fix up ur car. There's fixed up Kia's along the aguinaldo highway, between Imus Palengke and Robinsons imus.

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    Oct 2002
    Even Kia Quezon Ave. has a Kia Pride showcar.
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    well, we're a 1998 model gtx 1.3L pride owner..private use..but since its a/t, i get poor milage on my advise, local a/t are not as efficient but as good as any pride...1.3L,m/t, gtx trim is the bets..pero mahirap nga lang maghanap ng mainted unit, like ours....kasi cheap low-end cars are mostly neglected ones...

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