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    Aug 2010
    nag surf ako nga pregio forum mukhang okay yung sa pwede ko ba ask kung alam nyo ba kung may relay ang power locks ng pregio festival 2003. nag palinis kasi ako ng aircon tapos nung binalik na. pumutok yung fuse for power locks. pinaltan ko pero ayaw mag lock. kaya nya mag unlock..salamat in advance sa mga reply...

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    Nov 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by biboybhaby View Post
    magandang araw po, tanong ko lang kung magkanu un crank shaft pulley? kc po nasira un rubber nun amin, tapos pina machineshop po un pulley nak wede n po cya kaso lumakas un vibration ng pregio nmin, tanong ko lang po baka may idea po kayo kung magkanu un brand new at surplus?
    salamat po in advance
    1,600 lang bili ko sa amin sa pasig. Huwag mo ipawelding kasi harmonic balancer din ang isang tawag dyan. masisira ang crackshaft mo kapag naka fixed na ang pulley

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    1,600 lang bili ko sa amin sa pasig. Huwag mo ipawelding kasi harmonic balancer din ang isang tawag dyan. masisira ang crackshaft mo kapag naka fixed na ang pulley
    thanks sa info sir esnie

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    Jul 2010
    Warning: This post is long but you will learn.
    Just want to share about my experienced with my Pregio Festival. I have 2003 model 2.7L with Manual transmission purchased in June 2009 - 75T km (I don't believed). I purchased because it looks good like SUV and clean inside. It has a small TV in front but I have removed it because 1. the roof starts to fall down & 2. it disturbs the 2nd front passenger. It was overheated 2 times. 1st just 1 week after purchased, because I thought it is like a small car (first time to own diesel car/van) that you can leave the engine running & used the A/C to cool the passenger while parking or on halt which I used to do in our cars or vehicle (especially here in the Middle East - I will explain later why cars or vehicles in the middle east does not overheat). Change the head gasket and hola run again. This van is rarely used and if so, my in-laws are driving it (they are drivers and owes passenger jeepneys/school bus and drive smoothly). It was overheated again after 2 or 3 months and i don't know the reasons. I told them to repair again (change gasket head - always used genuine one). They have already brought this Pregio to Baler, Aurora 2 times and Bagiou last December 2009 when my cousin-in-law got married. Everybody is impressed about the Pregio. To be continued......

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    Jul 2010
    Continuation: Post #614 page 41
    When I got home last April 2010, I found out little engine oil in the radiator and even in the water reservoir. And every time I used this van, I always take a glance on the temp. gauge - afraid of being overheated in the road. I drained and flushed the radiator manually and observed that after sometime, oil that looks like mud are slowly dropping from the drain. But I did not mind it and fortunately it does not overheated. Later, my father in-law (does not drive and knows little about cars) complained that he always topping up water in the radiator in the morning every time they used the van. The mechanic who does the replacing of head gasket insists that the cylinder head is ok. But I decided to do major things in order to avoid major problems:

    1. Open the cylinder head and check for crack or bend - no crack, not bent.
    2. Replaced the gasket.
    3. Replaced the stock radiator with a 3 rows and like plug & play (read a lot of this from this post - Thanks). The radiator became heavy because of the oil on it.
    4. Removed oil cooler and pressure check. Dito yong salut - dito nanggaling yong oil sa radiator. The gasket became hard and the oil leaks thus, replaced it.
    5. Replaced Intake and Discharge water hose.

    First improvement done.

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    Jul 2010
    Cont'n: During my stay in the Philippines (April/May) and just before coming back to Middle East, the a/c starts malfunctioning not giving the desired coldness inside the van. I have checked it and found a freon leaks between the flange connection of discharge hose (from compressor) and main condenser. But decided to just re-charged with freon temporarily. And right just after doing the first improvement, I have made the following (for a/c):

    1. Replaced the stock a/c compressor with a bigger unit Denso 10PA17c.
    2. I supposed to install a 2nd sub condenser (which I read also from this thread) but discussed and agreed with a/c technician to instead change the present sub condenser with bigger one to save money. Note: same old fan used in the new bigger sub condenser.

    After the 2nd improvement, temp. inside became cold even during the middle of the day and the best thing is: a/c thermostat switch starts to work as well. Bravo!

    3rd improvement was, I installed an auxiliary fan in front of radiator to avoid overheating during traffic or during parking when engine runs. At the moment the fan can be started manually with a switch. But, I am planning to install a thermo-switch placing the sender unit in the thermostat housing - pending until I go back again to the Philippines. To be cont'd....

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    Jul 2010
    It is true that Pregio's are having the following: 1. an overheating problem and 2. engine is under power.

    1. Overheating because these vans/cars are designed in the region with Tropical condition. The temp. Philippines now ave. at 34-35 deg. celsius and reaches even up to 39-40 deg. during summer. Not like in 1990's or early 2000's. Second is that the a/c condenser with fan is located below the engine assy. Unlike the small cars or vehicles in the M.E. (temp. will reach up to 49 deg. even more than 50), the a/c condensers with fan are located in front of radiator thus utilizing it as an auxiliary fan. This fan starts when the water temp. is high or when the a/c starts or running. If overheating is experienced to these vans or any vehicle in the Philippines, double check the size of your radiator and it's auxiliary fan. Installed if necessary.

    2. The engine is under power. 2.7L engine with normal running condition of 90kmh * 2200 rpm. But it depends on the driver. After the improvements, my family went to Tagaytay started living home at 8 p.m. (actually went back home in the Philippines 2nd week of these months for just 10 days) and ran 120-130 kmh in NLEX & SLEX. We had a race with one new Toyota Hiace in SLEX and hardly overtake us. During the race, I have switch off the a/c leaving the a/c fan as blower only. I have even overtaken Urban, HiAce, Grace and even Adventures, Hilanders in the hilly road of Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road. Actually, it is up to the driver as mentioned earlier.

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    Oct 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by adapilado View Post
    nakababa na yun transmission ni pregio ang nakita ko makapal pa ang lining ko pero parang maluluwag ang mga spring sa gitna ng lining may kinalaman kaya yun sa drag ng transmission? yun p-plate ok din kaya na pareface ko yung plywhell ko o liha na lang?
    sir pareho tayo ng problema kaya babantayan ko itong post mo. about 3 weeks ago nagkaproblema ang clutch ko, ayaw na pumasok ang kambyo, nang ibaba ng mekaniko ko ang transmission ang nakita nya ay kalas ang 3 out of 6 spring ng clutch disk (buti na lang daw at di kumalang) pero ang clutch lining ay super kapal pa (9-10 months pa lang kasi ito). before that, may drag din ang van sa 1st gear and reverse.

    so nagpalit kami ng clutch disk pero after only a week unti-unti nang lumabas ang drag. yes, mga bro, isang linggo pa lang! ang tanong ko tuloy ay ano permanenteng solution sa case ko? ano pa ba dapat ko palitan bukod sa clutch disk? sabi kasi ng mekaniko ko wala naman ibang problema sa ibang parts e. ano nga pala ang best brand para sa clutch system natin at saan maganda bumili? thanks!

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    Oct 2009
    mga sirs, update lang sa post ko--malakas na ang dragging ng van ko sa 1st gear, natatakot ako na baka bigla bumigay ang clutch ko, ano ang immediate na dapat ko gawin? thanks in advance mga bros!

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    Oct 2009
    kamusta na po mga sirs,

    may tanung po sana ako. ang pregio ko matic and pag linagay ko sa park may tumutunog na parang sumasabit sa ilalim na parang metal to metal and yung mga ilaw ko sa instrument panel kuminsan parang christmas lights pag naka park. minsan nawawala pero pag uminit na ang makina, lumalabas ang tunog. taktaktak ang tunog sa ilalim. baka transmission ko na ang problema pero ok nman shifting ng gears yun lang nga pag malamig pa sa umaga ang makina ayaw mag shift ng gears until ma hit nya ang certain temp na ok na ang shifting.

    ang isa pa na problem ko now is ang alternator ayaw kumarga. napalitan ko na ang ic sa alternator at pinagawan ko narin ng negative ground papunta sa starter. gumanda ang redondo ng starter pero after 2 months bumalik ulit ang sakit nya at ayaw na kumarga ang alternator kasi pag tinanggal ko ang mg terminals sa battery, namamtay din ang sasakyan. Ano kaya mga sirs ang diperensya? hinahanap ko nga ang fuse at baka fuse sa alternator ang may sira. Saan po ba banda makikita ang fuse ng alternator??

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