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    The 4JG2 is around 600K. Yung 4JX1 is around 800K. LHD ito lahat. Malaki ng konti difference sa price. Check first your budget then decide on what model you want then compare mo with other suv's na rin. Tama lahat nung comments nila djerms and edwin.

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    Oct 2002
    ang mahal pa kasi ng biodiesel. Sana lang talaga mapansin na ito ng government. As what Bio-man said in a top gear issue, it will not only help our coconut industry, It will also make us independent sa world price ng diesel coz we will have our own.

    Big potential pero no actions done yet. Ir if there are any, very little lang.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mdpo
    ok naman yung trooper mine has the 4jx1-tc engine.. matulin! sisiw sa kanya ang 130.

    The only problem I have right now is mausok siya minsan and pag tinapakan mo ng todo smoke belching . Pano kaya ayusin to?
    Remove the Catalytic Converter...

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    Sep 2005
    "ang mahal pa kasi ng biodiesel."

    Need not be. All you need is around 2 to 3% blend and you will start appreciating its benefits. That's around P120 per full tank. It will pay foir itself through better performance, higher kms/ltr and less maintenance.

    Just watch out for your fuel filter the first few outings. Replace after the first 2-3 full tanks. Drain tanks during that time as well.

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    Sep 2005
    [ and the gasoline engines have a reputation for high fuel consumption[/QUOTE]

    Chief, mga ilan nga ba consumption nito (V6 A/t). Some1 offering his 98 for a good price kc .......

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    Aug 2005
    I sold my 4jx1 55t km. at 950t sakit sa ulo and very high maintenance. ok sana performance.

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    Aug 2004
    tanong ko lang po, saan ba magaling mag service na shop ng trooper (4JG2) 3.1 turbo diesel? kailangan na yata palitan ng timing belt yung bighorn namin kasi nasa 160+t mileage nya. umilaw na nga yung tbelt indicator nya sa dash. nag tanong ako sa isang electrical shop at sabi nila matatanggal lang raw yung pagilaw ng tbelt indicator pag ni reset yung parang meter sa loob ng dashboard. totoo ba ito? hindi ba automatic na mawawala yung pagilaw nito pag pinalitan na yung timing belt?

    sensya na po medyo OT yung post ko. sana matulungan nyo po ako.


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