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    Jul 2013
    Hyundai, Kia warn owners to park outside over fire risk | Autoindustriya

    Hyundai and Kia have announced that they will recall nearly 500,000 vehicles in the United States as they could spontaneously combust. The automakers advise owners to park their vehicles outside, away from other vehicles and other structures until they're fixed. Thatís because these could still catch fire even with the engine turned off.
    following Hyundai vehicles are affected Ė 2016-2018 Sante Fe, 2017-2018 Santa Fe Sport, 2019 Santa Fe XL, and 2014-2015 Tucson
    Hyundais could suffer from anti-lock brake malfunction, causing a short circuit and leading to a fire. Itís a similar issue with Kia and its Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU) which could short circuit and start a fire.
    Do note that the recall is specifically for the US market only. However, the affected vehicles are also sold in other markets around the world, including the Philippines. There has been no advisory from Hyundai or Kia in other markets yet

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    Jul 2013
    Hyundai is recalling the 2018 Santa Fe Sport for potential engine fires — again | Yahoo!

    Hyundai is recalling some 2018 Santa Fe Sport SUVs over a malfunction with the antilock braking system (ABS) module that could cause an electrical short and engine fire while the vehicle is parked.
    Hyundai is working on a fix and says that owners will be notified by December 26. In the meantime, owners can continue driving their Santa Fe Sport, though Hyundai says the vehicle should be parked outside and away from buildings. The fix is free of charge, and the automaker will reimburse owners for expenses incurred during the repair process.

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