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    Nov 2005

    the other way around

    TS wants to put a pajero engine in a hummer h2

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    Feb 2010
    sorry, misinterpretation mounting ang magiging problem mo diyaan at other electronics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ry_Tower View Post
    Yes this would be better, pajero chassis and engine puwede na or yung sa Patrol GU.
    A Patrol chassis could be good for an H2 replica, while a Pajero chassis can be more suiteble for an H3 replica. BTW the Isuzu D-max chassis is nearly the same of the H3...

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    Nov 2010
    It would be cheaper to get a pajero gen 2 chassis here in the Phil because there is just so many of them here and many have been neglected already due to accidents experienced and can be easily found in junkyards. DMx is kinda rarer because it is mainly still being used.

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    H2 puwede ito kay bro.AngBatangHamog...

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    Sep 2012
    ^ walang basagan ng trip... Kailangan nga daw makapal na bakal :rofl:
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    h2 sabay ilagay makina ng crosswind yung turbo :D

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