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Surprising how most small sedans (econo) have similar 0-100 times. Even the Vios is just a little slower. BTW *niky, could a Focus beat a Civic 1.8MT or 2.0A/T flat out?
The 2.0AT, definitely. Honda's AT gear ratios are loooooong. The 1.8MT... just ask the guy who was convoying with me home last night...

Th 1.8MT has similar top-end hp to the Focus and is lighter, but the Focus makes power everywhere. Both will hit over 200 km/h, but the Focus will get there lots faster... more gears, more mid-range power.

This is TDCi. A gasoline Focus 2.0 4AT can keep up with a Civic 1.8 5AT, but that's about it.