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    Jan 2006
    Kung MT, puwede Civic FD K20 or Accord 6th gen F23. The K20 offers a lot of aftermarket mods to make it produce more output. An H22 DOHC engine (stock 200hp) will be very good upgrade for the 6th gen Accord.

    Kung AT, get the Accord 7th gen J30. It might look boring but its V6 engine is rated at 240hp stock. Some mods can easily have this engine produce 300hp.

    Medyo pricey na yung 8th gen Accord J35 but it is one fast car despite its big size. Not many cars can easily do less than 7 seconds on a 0-100kmh sprint.

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    Sep 2014
    my stock honda crv 1999, 2.5K per year maintenance, 7-8km/liter Manual Tran all city, the tires are so common, 2,500 lang each made in malaysia pa all-tropical

    and the best thing of all, it's like my Nissan Juke when I weave in and out of congested traffic.

    sobrang naawawa ako sa mga bumibili ng mga high diesel suvs ngaun, lake gastos nila tapos parehong daan lang naman dinadaanan natin na hindi nag-improve

    cars are not major dreams anymore, cars are like android phones, very useful , park and forget, and cheap to maintain, para make-travel, make-dine out and make party

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    Mar 2014
    Not all cars are cheap to maintained.

    Starmobile Up+

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    May 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by jaypee10 View Post
    get vti 96-2000 model or vti SIR body

    ang sarap gamitin hindi naman nagpapaiwan sa SIR lalo na kung naka TONO ng maganda.
    I agree with this. Many mods and aftermarket parts.

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