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    Jan 2003
    sir, just to be sure whether the A/C comp. or PS pump is the culprit, try elimination. the two have separate belts attached to the pulley. first remove the comp belt, observe, then replace it. next, remove PS pump, observe. im sure after that you will be sure which is making the noise. HTH.

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    Jan 2010
    thank u po sa suggestion nio.

    naka apat na mechanics na po ako. 3 po dun e A/C mechanics, lahat cla compressor ang tinuturo. well i dont think they check the P/S pump.
    how possible is it na P/S pump ang problema? do they create the same noise?

    i know soooooo little about cars.
    that means, i can only open the hood and the trunk. nothing more. except to drive ( a little).
    i wish i can try your suggestion.

    or ok lang po ba if i ask the mechanic to do what u ask me to try? --- isolation?

    repeat ko lang po ung instruction.
    1.first remove the comp belt, observe, then replace it. (what will i use to replace the comp belt?)
    2. remove PS pump, observe.

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    Jan 2010
    good morning.

    finally i had the compressor fixed.
    initially bearing lang daw ung problema so i was charge 2.5k
    after iopen at iremove ung compressor the mechanic told me na its not only the bearing but the clutch plate as well. so almost the entire compressor head e papalitan na daw nia just to save my comp. i need to pay 3.5k na daw.
    otherwise, ibabalik nia lang ung dinisassemble niang parts.

    i decided na ipatapos nlang.
    after that pnakita nia sa akin ung mga broken parts like the bearing and clutch plate.
    then he showed me ung compressor na nkakabit na sa sasakyan.
    one thing i noticed is that, iba na ung color ng compressor ko.
    naging white silver. he told me na nilagyan nia ng paint after linisin.

    im afraid na pnalitan nia ung compressor ko since orig pa un at still working. how will i know na ung compressor head lang ung pnalitan nia and not the entire compressor?

    nkakalungkot talga magpafix ng sasakyan.

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    Jul 2009
    Mas maganda siguro kung pagagawa mo sasakyan mo bantayan mo iyong paggawa para nakikita mo piyesa na pinalitan kasi kung nakatutok ka hindi sila makakagawa ng palitan ito ng iba. Suggestion lang sa mga nagpapagawa.

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    Sep 2009
    no way para malaman mo. but im sure pinalitan yang compressor mo. that is why Im encouraging you to go in known service center para maka sigurado ka na di ka lolokohin.

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    Dec 2009
    pap's from gapo din me
    may maingay din sakin last time malapit sa p/s pump and compressor
    inisa isa ng mechanic ko tanggalin yung belt's since last yung sa compressor
    kala ko eh bearing na buti idler pulley bearing lang. P800 lang gastos ko bearing and labor

    eto mechanic ko si raniel sa elicanyo sa likod st. joseph
    pwede rin L&D kay kuya danie sa intersection ng 10th st and gallagher
    sa loob ng base pwede rin ng bloom malapit royal

    may i know pala kung saan ka nagpagawa?

    ..mukang pinalitan nga comp mo why would he take an extra effort na pinturahan pa

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P/S pump or  A/C compressor?