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    Sep 2006
    i will post in time pictures of our lemon honda city which was instead butchered, not repaired.

    as of now, we are evaluating our options as to our problem and what would probably honda would offer in return. we talked to our lawyer friends and the consensus is a legal action if honda could not come up a good remedy. pero para lang daw sa mga matitibay na sikmura.

    they said that if only those honda city owners could act together, a class action against honda for refund plus damages for selling lemon cars (or cars of poor worksmanship) would certainly put honda on a delima as its reputation would be at stake and such case would likely affect its sales, especially if that case would hit national dailies and televisions. nobody or only few would venture buying a honda with that.

    we said that a class action would be unlikely considering that most honda city owners, like contented cows, would rather complain in silence (or only in the net but in complete anynomity) rather than stand up for their rights.

    any lawyer in here who could provide some input?


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    Oct 2002
    Wow, another City problem...

    You might wanna contact Psylocke.

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    Aug 2006
    Aaaaaaaaaaah... Honda fails again...

    Harharhar... Evil laugh...


    Do I sound bitter now?

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    Oct 2002
    And I was about to decide on the 1.3 idsi na city para sa sales team ko....

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    Sep 2006
    he! he! he!

    kung pang-business (kahit na for personal use), better buy a reliable and dependable car. by that, you know what i mean. tumingin ka na lang sa kalye at alam mo na what cars are used as taxis (none of them is honda). kahit ubod ng gasgas, still capable to running 24/6.5 (kasi may coding) with minimal maintenance.

    engine and technology, maganda naman ang honda, in fairness, especially with cvt equipped toy - transmission is seamless and there is no shift shock. duon magkayarian sa materials used (or the fabrication of thos materials) as to all other components of a honda car (except the engine) and the quality of worksmaship.

    as to city (forward cabin design), first irritation mo, which latter becomes a headache then a nightmare, is the rattlling sound from the dashboard (then from the door, then from where the seatbelt pre-tensioners are, then the trunk, which ever comes first).

    the rest of the problems will emerge one by one.

    second irritation mo is that "some" (maybe many, maybe few) of their technicians, or the technicians of some of its dealers, are so inempt that instead of corecting the problem, they would butcher your car.

    worse, you cannot ask a third party technician to do the repair because you will lose your warranty.

    "i guess" the problem with forward cabin design city honda is on design of the problematic components, not much on the assembly. kasi kung sa assembly pa, matagal na nilang nacorrect sa dami-daming nagreklamo na (which complaints are raised here in this forum) at the assembly plant level.

    honda will not just admit this issue, and "i guess" the reason for this is that the problematically designed components are already fabricated, delivered and paid. sayang naman kung itapon na lang. ubusin na lang ibenta at antayain na lang na may magreklamo.

    and what's honda's solution:

    1. sa mga nagreklamo, basta nasa warranty period pa, lalagyan na lang ng kutchon yong mga lugar o components na defective para di tumutunog. but the defect is still there. pag matunaw or masira na ang kutchon mo, tunog ulit. by that time, expired na warranty mo.

    2. exlude noise from the dashboard from the warranty. read the warranty booklet. of all the exclusions, ito nakapula. klarong-klaro na alam na nila ang problemang ito, hindi na nila maayos, ayaw nilang ayusin, kaya wala silang paki na lang daw matapos mo mabili produkto nila. kasi excluded daw sa warranty.

    di ba "agogan" yon?

    ganun kagaling ang honda.

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