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    Mar 2005
    if you're really concerned with comfort you can always upgrade the seats and tweak the suspension. i don't think decent seats and mid level shock would break the bank

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    Jul 2006
    Browsed through this link, could it perhaps make the suspension easier on our backs especially the front suspension?

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    Oct 2002
    I took my Jazz last Holy Week to the towns surrounding Laguna de Bay, visiting different churchs along the way. That trek took me nearly 12 hours to do, syempre stop and go. We were 4 adults and 2 kids and lots of foods and stuff at the back.

    Overall, the Jazz didn't disappoint. Masarap i-drive, the aircon was ok the whole day. The only complaint I had is mababa ang clearance kaya mga ramps going to churchs at paminsan sumasayad. And since I'm a big person, sitting down on the driver seat does take its toll at sumakit rin ang pwet ko.

    Am planning to do the trip again in 2008.

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    Mar 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by baludoy View Post
    wow! umabot ka ng northern samar w/ your jazz? grabe! kinaya ng auto mo iyong freakish bicol roads!?? kami nga we went to rawis, northern samar ( an hour or two further down the road) last summer in a nissan van and man, was i plastered and i wasn't even the one driving!

    it's true though, the jazz's suspenion is bit tough when the car is not packed. but some owners/enthusiasts say a little tweaking (on its suspension) will soften things up a bit and remedy the so-called harsh ride
    3 adults and 3 small kids pa yun. Yup, it survived those Bicol roads. At pag-uwi ko, wala man lamang akong naririnig na kalampag. Doon ako bumilib sa honda.

    The ride of the honda jazz is comfortable, I should say. But on very long drives, you'll begin to feel the firm seats (nakakangimi sa pwet) and the jumpy ride, which, I guess, is due more to the short wheelbase rather than stiff suspension.

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    Mar 2006
    Hello Guys,

    I drove our Honda Jazz from Cagayan de Oro and stopped in Malaybalay Bukidnon. The distance was 79 kilometers. I don't think we got the best fuel economy figures because the tach was always hitting above 2000rpm mark due to the rich slopes of Bukidnon. I think we got only 7 km/l since we fueled it w/ Shell Super Unleaded (11 li)... I don't think this is healthy...

    I need some inputs what to do. We just got it out from CASA for an oil change and air filter change. Our speed were mostly 40-100 km/h.

    TIA and advance Happy New Year!

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    Dec 2007
    Interesting mod, but the part of the car I'd like to soften a bit is the rear. My dad and sis rode in the back of my Jazz recently and they found the ride bouncy. Unfortunately the rubber ring mod doesn't seem to work the same wonders at the back.

    My dream upgrade for my Jazz: fully adjustable custom coilover suspension. Someone from AMR Engineering is coming over here next month and he's willing to make custom coilovers for at least five people's a hard-to-beat price.

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    Jan 2005

    7 km/liter is unusual for the jazz. The worst fuel economy I got from the jazz 1.3 cvt is 10 km/l in severe traffic. Try to reset the start up clutch and check the oil level, maybe the casa mechanic disconnected the battery and didn't reset the clutch afterwards. Fill it up and check if it still guzzles. HTH

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    Dec 2007
    I hit 3000-4000 RPM quite frequently and I still make 11-12 km/L in city driving. My absolute worst was 10.5 km/L.

    Unusual nga yan.

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    Mar 2006
    Sir Alvin,

    The oil level is fine. Will do some reset on the CVT mamaya. Thanks... But this got me thinking again, from Malaybalay to our Hometown, the total distance was around 76 km. It was quite economical after our fill up with Shell Unleaded with V - Power. Keeping it down under 2K mark also makes it economical, yesterday, I drove it again 60 kms. And the fuel level didn't even move that far. Im guessing .1 mm?

    Pero how come... We fill it up with 11 li Super Unleaded 93 ron, drove for 79 kms then the yellow light flashed on the instrument panel. The whole 155 km trip would consume only 1/4 of the tank, around 14 km/l on the mileage, this is what we are getting before. But during our 79 km trip, the whole 1/4 talk was consumed.

    P.S. Pwede ba magdala ng sariling oil sa Honda? Anong klaseng oil gamit nyo? Sa CASA linagyan ng Semi - Sythetic oil.
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    Jan 2005

    I guess it's difficult to accurately measure fuel consumption without filling it to the brim, what i usually do is to fill it up until the pump automatically stops and fill it up again when the fuel warning light comes on.

    I usually use motul Htec 10w40 fully synthetic but any 30 or 40 weight multigrade will do, wag lang 50.

    I think you can't bring your own oil sa mga honda casa, ok na siguro change oil sa trusted talyer, simple procedure lang naman yun...

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