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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Hibiki View Post

    Anyone here tried driving a Jazz on long drives to the province? Yung tipong 3-6 hours na vacation drive. Full load. I am considering Jazz as a city car kasi maganda ang reviews pero around 4-5 times a year, kelangan out of town kami.

    Any bad or good experience? Thanks.

    I have but the load is just two people with some camera gear and supplies. Around 3 hours I think. Not bad. I just don't know how comfortable the rear seats would be though.

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    Mar 2006
    drove ours to subic already ( there were 5 of us) and we had no problems w/ its speed nor power. my sister also has driven it to batangas and back and she was very much happy w/ its performance

    btw, ours was a 1.3 cvt idsi
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    Aug 2004
    It's okay. The cushions are a bit hard, but for me, going on a trip to Batangas was no big difficulty.

    My uncle-in-law takes their Honda City to Bicol a lot... four of them in the car and they stuff the trunk full of produce from the plantation. 1.3 CVT lang, pero kayang kaya.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Dec 2005

    Have driven our 1.3L iDSI CVT Jazz once on a 3.5-hour trip to Laguna/Quezon and we did not encounter any issue/problem with the ride nor the car. We were 4 in the car. And, it was raining so hard that day.....


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    Aug 2005
    I have an office mate that drove their 2007 1.3 CVT iDSi Jazz from Sta. Rosa Laguna to Baguio via Marcos Hi-way. No problems. 4 adults and a toddler. Even oversped at NLEX (160Kph). At NLEX, instead of using "D", "S" was used.

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    Mar 2004
    Same here...
    Drove from Metro Manila to Balayan Batangas, two passengers. Ride was smooth and seats were comfortable that I even almost fell asleep on the highway from Tagaytay to Balayan.

    Ride was a CVT 1.3 City...

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    Mar 2005
    Wow, salamat sa replies. Very encouraging. My route would be Manila-Subic-Sta.Cruz Zambales and occasional Manila-Lucena and Manila-Baguio. I guess, Jazz is a good choice.

    Manila to Bicol is really serious driving even for an SUV. 9-12 hours.

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    Jul 2006
    If you want to use the Jazz better make sure you have the 1.5L, the 1.3L has a hard time passing others and accelerating from 80kph+. Just my experience when my wife and I went to Tagaytay. Perhaps I was just used to driving my diesel MB that had lots of torque and good acceleration at speed so that's what I think lacked from the Jazz.

    Also, the seats became a bit hard on the behind after the drive. Not as comfortable on the long drive as sprung seats. Steering was good, not too sensitive nor too sloppy. Suspension can be a bit hard especially with the fronts. Maybe the tall profile of the car adds to the effect but I found it a bit hard.

    All in all it was ok, I would give it an 8/10 for long haul drives.
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    Oct 2002
    How bout at Kenon Road? A 1.3 CVT?

    Can it keep a steady pace on an uphill?

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    Mar 2006
    I used to have a honda jazz 1.3 cvt. Honestly, I don't like it for very long drives (more than 5 hours). The short wheelbase make it not so comfortable (jumps easily on bumps). My longest drive with it is down south to Catarman, Northern Samar. Power is no problem, but it becomes pitiful when encountering road cuts (frequent in bicol area). Lucena, Subic, Zambales, Baguio travel would be just fine.

    Pero sa highway, dahil maliit ka lang, parang di ka pinapansin ng bus and trucks.

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