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    Jun 2005
    my jazz 1.3 does 9.18 km/l on the express way and skyway even though i step on the gas lightly and keep the revolutions under 2k. no dont believe them ive been complaining to honda for months and they still say that nothing is wrong with my car.

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    Nov 2002
    Don't even think about doing such tremendous mileage with regular driving, it's simply impossible.

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    Dec 2004
    wtf my 2.0 liter mz3 can go up to 8.2.... bat ganun and hindi pa ito sa mga skyway at highway ahh something is wrong from jazz owners sabi raw 12km nga daw ehh

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    Oct 2004
    Got a 2004 City Vtec, spirited driving gives me 10 kil per liter. Light footed driving avgs 14-15 and more if highway driving!!! 1.5 liter engine with CVT!!! not much difference with the 1.3 isdsi. Just a kilometer per liter difference.

    I have a program to compute my FC its called Fuel Manager

    Full tank is around 1,050-1100...

    Spirited driving pinaka mababa nasa 330-350 kilometers (full tank)
    Pag tipid i clocked in around 420-430 kilometers. (full tank)

    Daily route
    Alabang to qc(abs cbn) then mandaluyong then back to Alabang. Roughly around P200-250 a day.

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    Jun 2005
    42 L ang fuel tank capacity ng City.
    para sa akin, 420+ kms ang tinatakbo ko sa city driving (moderate to heavy traffic) bago mag fuel empty warning.
    Every fill up mga 35 L lang ang kelangan (automatic stop ng gas pump).
    Kaya mga 12km/L ang fuel efficiency ng City (1.3 i-DSI m/t) ko.
    Di na ko reklamo don.

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    Aug 2004
    Fuel lights usually go on way before the tank empties.

    In a recent test (, the Honda Civic 1.7 with a manual transmission got over 1000km on a 50 liter tank. This is with regular highway driving, overtaking, and rings around the parking lot (because they couldn't use up the gas during the allotted test time)... fuel consumption was pegged around 20 km/l....

    The 1.8 Corolla, on the other hand, did over 900 km on the same amount of gas.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2004
    sa mga jazz owners/city owners, sali nlg kyo sa Honda eco run this september 10.. registration on going.. free full tank. Laguna ang biyahe. pra ma measure nyo na tlga gano katipid GDs nyo

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    Sep 2004
    wow ok yan ah. where's the registration?

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by wac3
    wow ok yan ah. where's the registration?
    Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. invites owners of 1.3 Honda Jazz to join this yearís fuel efficiency driving competition entitled, XTRA Amazing Fuel Eco Run. Faced with looming fuel crisis, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc., in partnership with Petron Corporation, advocate the importance of fuel economy through efficient driving habits. With proper driving style, matched with i-DSi engineís excellent fuel combustion, better fuel mileage can easily be attained.

    The first leg of the series slated on September 10, 2005, will begin at Petron South Super Highway and end in STAR Tollway Lipa City, Batangas. Participating 1.3 Honda Jazz owners will get to receive free full tank of Petron XTRA unleaded gasoline and other Honda premium items. Exciting prizes await the team with the most fuel-efficient Jazz.


    Open to all 1.3 JAZZ owners. Unit must be purchased from any Honda dealers in the country.
    Participants will be divided into: Jazz MT category and JAZZ CVT category
    The team with the least fuel consumption from a given distance wins.
    Normal, day-to-day driving style is required from participants. Likewise, traffic rules and regulations will be followed.
    Strictly no performance modifications of any type will be allowed to engine, transmission, fuel system, and/or exhaust. Standard safety apparatus (i.e. spare tire, tools, warning signs) must be intact inside the compartment. Iridium spark plugs are not allowed.
    There must be two participants per car/team, 1 navigator and 1 designated driver. Designated driver must be 18 years old and above, with valid Driverís License.
    All participating vehicles must be insured.
    Registration fee is Php 200 per car / team.

    1. Fill-up this registration form and submit to nearest Honda dealership within Metro Manila. All Registration Forms must be submitted on or before Sept. 7, 2005.

    2. Participants should attach photocopy of driverís license, LTO Registration, Insurance Policy plus registration fee of Php 200 to the registration form.

    3. Upon Registration, participants will be given a manual that contains event procedures. rules and regulations.

    4. For more info, please visit any participating Honda dealer nearest you.



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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by migus_parvus
    my jazz 1.3 does 9.18 km/l on the express way and skyway even though i step on the gas lightly and keep the revolutions under 2k. no dont believe them ive been complaining to honda for months and they still say that nothing is wrong with my car.

    i think your jazz consumption is a little high (this is based on what I've read about the unit). ilan ba kayong sakay sa jazz mo at gaano kalakas aircon mo ?

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